The powerful Zlink

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes.

One of the functions on Zyncro that I use most to make work easier is the Zlink.

There are many ways to use it but I would like to share a very special one with you: send Zlinks with permission to edit. I will tell you about something that happened recently.

We were working with a freelance graphic designer on some sections in Zyncro and needed to send some functional prototypes that we had prepared.  The problem was that we had stored a lot of private information in the group.  Not only files, but also messages that were not relevant for sharing with an external contact.

“Send him an e-mail with the files attached and problem solved” said my colleague.

“You know? You’re right” I answered, “but I’ll do it using Zyncro anyway and I bet you I’ll cut down the e-mail Exchange by at least half”.

So I went to the folder that contained the prototype files and hit send with the right mouse button.  As simple as that!

Later I wrote a message to the designer explaining the situation and gave him editing permission. This way, Miguel (the designer) was able to register himself on Zyncro by following the Zlink and started working on the prototypes editing them online.

Since then, Miguel has already invited various clients and colleagues to Zyncro in the same way.

As a result, Zyncro and functions like the Zlink are not e-mail enemies if not a way to use them in the right measure.