How is Zyncro put together?

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In order to offer a service such as Zyncro, we rely on a team of strong professionals based in Spain, Argentina and the USA.  Our “home base” is in Barcelona’s city centre from where the product is designed (in conjunction with our USA office), version planning takes place and the actual service is coordinated.

The data processing centres where we have our servers and data storage are in Girona (Spain) and North Virginia (USA) from where we assure a high level of availability (99,98%) thanks to the redundant and replicated processing system.  In addition, we also rely on a network monitoring for services and servers that notify us in real time when an incident could occur: from Spain we supervise the USA, from the USA we supervise Spain and a second independent network of waves allow us to know how Zyncro is responding over more than 30 cities all over the world.

We offer user support jointly between our team in Girona and the team in Argentina, based in the beautiful town of Tandil, in the province of Buenos Aires.  It is from here that the product is developed having previously been designed in Barcelona. Upto 20 people work with a focus on:

  • programming,
  • quality assurance,
  • and Zyncro installation


The software Development process, based on Scrum, ensures that we can generate new versions every 6-8 weeks and that the ISO 9001-2008 certification (obtained at the end of 2009) guarantees a high level of quality in each one.


In line with the ISO regulation, apart from programmers and designers, a group of quality managers form an essential part of the whole team. They are responsible for verifying that requirement specifications and its later development in the form of new functionalities is carried out in the correct manner, free of errors and securely.


The systems technicians who carry out the important mission of product installations on the servers also form a part of the whole process, ensuring that the physical infrastructure (between USA and Spain) works in a fast and synchronized way, supervise the performance indicators and design and unfold new processing nodes.

However, what is more potent than the quality system we use, more than our high availability data processing centres, is that we have a robust architecture upon which to develop Zyncro – we are very proud of and delighted with the people that put Zyncro together. Proud to rely on a professional and committed team, almost a family, focussed on offering a high quality service,  very secure and overall very reliable for our clients and users.

In the coming weeks, we will introduce you to each one of this great family’s members. :)