Zyncro, in search of Business Development Executives. We are looking for you

Who are we?

Zyncro Tech is an international start-up created in Barcelona with offices is in ArgentinaUSA, Japan, and soon to be in Brasil and Italy.

Working at Zyncro Tech you will find:

  • An attractive project in which to learn, grow professionally and personally, develop yourself as an expert in the technology sector and embark upon an exciting experience within the world of social Internet.
  • A fun work-group, multicultural, motivated and with a desire to take on the whole world being 100% dedicated to the professional challenge at hand.
  • An  innovative environment in which something new is learned each day, in which we find ourselves inspired, in which a new path is construed from fresh ideas.
  • A company with an international vocation that will allow you to get to know about its development on a global basis as well as learn and take part in the various, diverse cultural approaches.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for sales collaborators with 3 main characteristics:

  1. Sales driven attitude and aptitude. Innate or learned, but demonstratable with defined achievements within your professional CV from your experience at other companies whether gained from your work history or from voluntary activities, paid or unpaid but must prove you have abilities only a natural would possess.
  2. 2.0 Specialists: connoisseurs of the main social networks (LinkedInXingFacebookTwitter,Quora…), preferably you will have your own blog, be experts in culture and 2.0 values, be avid gadget users, have a slight geek component to your person J, be sociable on and off-line and be infoxicated.
  3. English and other languages: it is essential that you speak good English in order to liaise at all levels with international clients (professionally as well as personally).  Other languages and other important international experiences will be values highly. (Erasmus, overseas stays, travel…)

What do we offer?

  • Earnings: dedication and remuneration will go hand in hand if you are able to achieve your monthly target objectives.
  • Professional international career: Zyncro’s seven offices will allow you to get to know the commercial reality within multiple countries as well as enjoy the cultural mix right from your very first day.
  • Training:  At Zyncro we dislike monotony, our leitmotif consists in learning new things every day, incorporating the best technology to our daily approach and always be up to date with what is going on around us.
  • Fun:  From your first day, you will discover that touch of madness within the members of the team, that necessary touch in order to make everything work!

You will find the job description in Infojobs.
Nonetheless, if you find us some other way via the web… we will take it into consideration :)


If you know you are not that good a salesperson, if you aren’t a geek, if you don’t speak English, if you haven’t travelled at all, if you are not prepared to give your 100% best to this project, there is no need to send us your CV, thanks.