What is a company 2.0?

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Relationships, tools, markets, business paradigms… are constantly changing since the 2.0 Internet boom and the new “rules of play” that were predicted by the Cluetrain Manifesto.

Zyncro is a reflection of the newly generated manifestations in the business environment.  The company: a new form of communication, a new approach to management, a new form of interaction and even includes production within companies.  Essentially, an evolution of traditional business standards.

It is for this reason that we would like to express as an infographic What is a company 2.0 according to Zyncro and share this concept with all of you, our blog readers.

The outcome we are presenting is a result of various weeks’ work carried out by our own Luis Font, Zyncro CEO; our CTO: Albert Sampietro; our customer success manager, Albert  Climent; our designer, Silvia Miralles; and myself; little contributions from the entire team.

And here you have it… What is a company 2.0?

The company 2.0 according to Zyncro

If you like the infographic and would like to distribute it virally, you can download the image directly by using this Zlink.