When email becomes a contaminating nuisance

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Collaboration from Tatiana Nascimendo from ZyncroBlog Brasil!

In the same way businesses take measures in order to reduce environmental pollution by means of recycling waste or rationalizing production until the company becomes sustainable, why don’t we propose to reduce contamination from the information piling into our inboxes?

Studies carried out by the agency MT Criativa show that 59,61% of directors within the technological sector receive more than 50 e-mails per day and 90,38% get upto 50 emails per day. In addition amongst them, 77% of them send less than 10 personal e-mails per day.

E-mail has become the main form of business communication but the volume of traffic generated by the exchange of this type of message is a huge amount of work ordeal as well as being detrimental and can lead to the loss of information.

Many businesses have recognised this reality and are trying to develop new and more effective ways of communicating and on many occasions have implemented costly and time consuming solutions that do not always meet the initial expectations.  Instead of giving way for the development of a system, why not try using one that meets business needs?  Intranet 2.0 is an innovative solution that:

  • eliminates unnecessary e-mail from our inboxes,
  • optimizes communication,
  • promotes collaboration,
  • encourages participation.

In order to recycle ideas and fight against the contamination of corporate communications… try Zyncro!