Zyncro 3.0: Multiple companies or departments in a unique working environment 2.0

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Allow us to present Zyncro version 3.0:

Multiple companies or departments in a unique working environment 2.0

Here you have the new characteristics of Zyncro version 3.0. A version with enhanced configuration options for your intranet, user permissions, profile information security and other added functionalities.

Departments and companies

From now on, in each corporate Zyncro, the administrator can access the “Organization configuration” option directly from the Administration Panel, enabling the definition of a structure made up by “Departments“, “Companies” or “neither“.

What is a company or a department?

The Companies section has been created for use within Zyncro as a “Business community“: An inter-corporate Social Network to support information exchange, networking, create business opportunities or spread offers, among other things.

The Departments have been designed with large companies in mind that need a proper structure by area for its users as well as to transmit corporate information by department.

SMEs and freelancers will continue to use Zyncro as they have done so up until now without the need to activate any other section within their intranet.

The “Companies” or “Departments” sections offer the following options:

  • A page for each company or department (with an information profile: name, description, logo, address, telephone, email address, website and a section to edit freely in case there is a need to add further corporate information)
  • Each user is associated with one or more companies or departments (you will be able to view the list of members for each company/department at the same time)
  • You can follow any recent changes within a company or department
  • You can add all of the members of a company or department to a work group by taking just one action

Furthemore, users that have been given permission by the administrator via “User Management” (create company) section to create companies or departments will be able to:

  1. Add users to the relevant companies/departments
  2. Delete messages and comments from companies/departments
  3. Change the name of relevant companies/departments

User permissions

Remember that the section for giving permission to create companies/departments is also  found in the Administration Panel, under “Configure / Customize your organization“. Four new options (permissions) have been added for users in this section (in addition to the permissions needed for publishing corporate news). Specifically, you can:

  1. Delete messages/comments by other users
  2. Create work groups
  3. Create departments/companies
  4. Become an administrator; this means gaining access to the Administration Panel and changing the configuration of the organization

Profile data privacy

The privacy options have also increased for each user by using a more complex structure when it comes to the users of your organization.

Therefore from the “Profile” section, each user will be able to define whether or not their contact information is visible to:

  • All (Zyncro users)
  • My contacts
  • The members of My departments
  • Only myself

Security and configuration

In addition to the major structural change to include company and department levels, other security and configuration measures have also been implemented within the platform:

  • Administrators will be able to hide the main menu on the Tasks section, leaving a more concise menu. Remember this option is useful for organizations that do not use the tasks options within Zyncro across the whole company

  • Groups will now be able to have their own icon via the “Change icon” option which is the second last option in the drop down list of each group


Lastly, we have added a Business Intelligence Audit service (Business Intelligence audit) and we have resolved minor bugs so that Zyncro can work a little better each day.

Start using the new Zyncro 3.0 functions straight away:

Configure the structure of your organization, assign new administrators, define the privacy of your profile data or try the Zyncro option without Tasks within the menu.

If you have any queries, contact us at support ( @ ) zyncro.com

We’ll be waiting for you!