Implementation model for an Internal Social Network in the hotel sector

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Note from the editor: some of the following information has been modified.  Nonetheless,  the process described is based on a real success case in which Zyncro was implemented within an important Spanish hotel chain.

The following points present you with a practical case as to how Zyncro has been implemented within an important hotel chain.  Perhaps this model could be useful for your own organisation.

  • Client Information:

  • 8 hotels with their own name and corporate image
  • 1000 employees spread within the different hotels
  • An IT manager for each hotel
  • A manager or main coordinator for the project
  • Information about each hotel
  • Common information to be shared between the hotels
  • Objective: to create an internal social network for the sharing of information within each hotel and at the same time, allow for the exchange of information between the different hotels
  • Time for implementation: 3 days

8 hotels, 8 organisations

The model used consisted in the creation of a separate Corporate Zyncro for each hotel.  Each hotel with their own domain had their own intranet 2.0 created with:

  • an independent administrator (in this case, the IT manager of each hotel)
  • different users: the employees within each hotel
  • their own domain, following the model

Hotel departments

Within each hotel intranet, the chosen solution for the configuration of the organisation was to establish Departments.

Making good use of the new functions in the 3.0 version of Zyncro, a Department structure was established so that any employee would be able to identify who belongs to which department and so that the members of each department could have a common space in which to communicate, share topics related to their department or in order to know whom to aim any queries to should they arise.

This solution can prove to be a very efficient method to show others who have recently joined the company how it is organised, in the hotel sector as in any other.

Work groups

The work groups were independent for each hotel and although replicable in each of them, were defined by the project manager.

It began by the creation of a group of Administrators who received all instructions and information for the creation of their groups and up to the work groups found in any company: marketing, communication, sales or finance amongst others.  Of course, each of these with their own image or icon as well as a short description of the content of each group.

What type of work group or information is shared within a hotel social network?

  • Relevant information to be shared regarding the different hotel shifts
  • General information about clients, rooms, installations
  • Events or conventions
  • Corporate news, bank holidays, open days or special activities
  • Employee holidays, shift cover, shift amendments
  • Communication and marketing strategies at group or hotel level so that employees may stay aligned with company guidelines

Personalisation through ZyncroApps

In addition to the general Zyncro configuration options, the use of ZyncroApps can allow each organisation or in this case, each hotel, have functionalities, integrations and design available to them based on specific desires or needs.

For a hotel chain, the following specific points may prove to be very useful:

  • AddZyngs in order to add:
    • A list in the right hand column of web addresses of the other hotels in the chain
    • A list in the right hand column with other web addresses relevant for everyone
    • A corporate message in the upper strip containing contact details of the person to call for queries or concerns when it comes to using Zyncro
  • Zyncrotag: in order to add labels (tags) on microblogging messages by adding # in front of a term to later be able to find them easily
  • Integration with Google Calendar: so that each user can have their Google calendar integrated within their Zyncro
  • Favourite groups: so that each user can have fast and direct access to documents or messages contained within the groups they most use

Large hotel chains have already incorporated Zyncro into their corporate information management flow.

Perhaps your organisation could be next …