Zyncro for corporate events. Success case: Cetelem

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

Yesterday a company called Cetelem held its event #despegamos (‘lift off’) in Zaragoza.  It was an internal event with more than 250 participants attending in order to review strategy, new updates, corporate guidelines and involve the company managers.

At this type of event, organisations aim towards the following objectives:

  • Transmit corporate information
  • Create a community
  • Involve executive and middle management in decision making
  • Receive feedback

Nowadays we are all familiar with sharing, commenting upon and conveying so at an event with these characteristics, having a tool available for the interaction between speakers and attendees as well as for generating opinions in real time in a private manner, guarantees the success of the meeting.

Cetelem, in a pioneering and completely innovative way decided to use Zyncro as a tool to channel the conversation between speakers and attendees and the result was one of total enrichment.

The following was shared on the Zyncro screen that was projected on the stage for the duration:

  • Queries, questions, concerns…
  • Comments regarding content
  • Observations relating to the organisation and event infrastructure
  • Phrases causing the greatest impact
  • Attendees’ opinions

More than 300 messages converted the event into a REAL FORUM for the exchange of enriching and productive ideas about the company.

In this new communication era, Zyncro provides companies with the tools needed to channel and maximise its internal communication processes in a completely personalised, lively, private and secure manner.

Pioneering organisations like Cetelem are already using it.

Why not implement Zyncro in your company?