Why would I want to integrate my office devices with an Enterprise Social Network?

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Note from the editor:  The text from this blog entry is related to a recent publication in VCSsystem‘s blog, a Zyncro partner, experts in the integration between tangible devices, cloud applications and workflows 2.0.

VCSsystem amongst other things, has developed the integration between Konica Minolta and Zyncro which is based on the cloud scanning concept currently in the integration process with BonitaSoft.

The countries most using social networks are Spain and Brazil however, the large potential economical opportunities of Japan and the USA are at the top end of corporate social network usage.

Corporate social network growth tendencies are already a reality.  According to research and expert sources, corporate social networks will form part of internal and external communications within all businesses by the year 2015.

Today there is a high number of companies that have implemented management systems using online platforms.  These systems can be used to organise between 600,000 and 1,000.000 individual relationships in between 30,000 to 50,000 corporations worldwide.  In this way, companies have the chance to establish new relationships for their business within a 2.0 environment.

Zyncro the corporate social network, can help companies move between the infinite number of business opportunities that exist within the web.  Communication is widened so that companies do not only interact with its users but also helps establish relationships between companies and employees in order to support synergies and reach mutual benefits.

These platforms also manage some administration through the management of documents, data and carry out tasks that improve accessibility to all of the office documents remotely and immediately.  Thanks to being able scan and upload all office documents into the cloud, companies and their employees can now remotely access their documents, modify and save them in a virtual server.  Thanks to cloud technology, order validation processes, invoicing and/or delivery note processes are less expensive and faster.

Would you like to know more about the benefits of integrating your devices with Corporate Social Networks?

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