Zyncro Features: Search (I)

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How do I perform searches in Zyncro?

To perform a search in Zyncro, just enter the term you want to find in the search box (top right corner of the screen).

The search results in Zyncro will appear grouped according to the different Zyncro sections: Messages, Files and Folders, Groups, Departments/Companies and People

Beside the corresponding tab for each section, you’ll see the number of hits for the search criteria in brackets.

Search Results

Messages: This tab shows all messages appearing in conversations on the Zyncro wall that include the search word. The word is always highlighted in gray.

The types of message that appear in this section (different according to the user) are:

  • Personal news that you or the people you follow have posted
  • Corporate news
  • Private messages you’ve sent
  • Messages from departments or companies you belong to or follow
  • Messages from the groups you participate in

Files and folders: This tab lists all the files, folders and Zlinks created for sharing that include the search criteria in their title and that belong to the groups you have access to. Only for Business plans or higher: The tab also includes files whose content contains the search term (text files: TXT, PDF, Word, Excel, HTML, etc.). The term is highlighted in gray.

Groups: This tab includes the groups that contain the search term in their title. Like messages and files, the term will be highlighted. This feature enables you to find all those groups whose name you can’t remember by using key terms.

Departments/Companies (depending on the organization’s configuration): This last tab gives the departments or companies whose name or description contains the search term.

People: This tab shows you a list of user contacts that include the search term in their profile (basic information, experience and skills, etc.) This is the best tool for managing internal talent!

Next week, we’ll look at advanced search options.

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