Sharing, collaboration and teamwork: keys to an “efficient company”

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The Zyncro team comes together for Christmas!

Christmas is a time for meeting up, sharing, exchanging… values that are perfectly applicable to any business environment.

In the photo starting this post, you can see several of our colleagues that participate in the blog, partners, resellers, providers… and members of the core Zyncro team.

Last Friday, we held our Christmas party where all of us got together (together with people from other companies in the Inspirit group: Gootaxi and Hotelerum) to celebrate and share in Events 3.0 style, as described by Yolanda Torres in our blog this week. As well as collaborating digitally, we all need to get together face-to-face on occasions.

This meeting was the perfect excuse for talking about a basic concept, something which is hard to implement at times in our companies: how to ensure effective teamwork .

Any teamwork involves two sides:

  • Digital side: exchanging information, data, documents, ideas… (basically everything that was done by email up to now)
  • Face-to-face side (with conversations and dialogue): reaching consensus, brainstorming, evaluating, analyzing, making decisions…

One of the keys in making the face-to-face side efficient and not letting meetings go on for hours is to, apart from properly managing the meeting itself, share the information that will be covered with participants before the meeting actually starts.

I’m not going to focus on the management side of teams or on brainstorming strategies, but I would like to share with you the experiences we’ve had and learnt at Zyncro in terms of efficiently sharing information in order to improve face-to-face meetings.

Some of the information that needs to be shared in real time to be covered in meetings as appropriate are:

  • Sales information that gives details about visits and contacts
  • Data and statistics (that need to be easily accessed by all members involved in management)
  • External corporate communications from the marketing and communication department
  • Information on the competition, sales opportunities and product documentation (especially updates) with partners
  • Internal feedback on the product or the company’s service
  • Status of projects, timings, possible deviations, incidents, status of deliverables
  • Translation aspects shared with the team of translators (when working with freelance translators) and the project leads for each project

Having that information in real time enables you to improve knowledge management throughout the organization, but above all, enables you to hold efficient meetings from the outset.

Enterprise Social Networks, like Zyncro, are knowledge management tools that support this new way of working. Nowadays, with teams scattered across the globe, different working hours that often don’t match and a saturation of emails that we don’t have time to sort through, having a platform that can manage all this information so it’s “spick and span” so to speak can help to improve productivity in any company and provide it with the information needed for efficiently managing face-to-face meetings.

At Zyncro, we’ve been working on new documents to explain the work methodology used in the tasks performed by the so-called manager 2.0 within the ecosystem of the enterprise 2.0, a truly efficient company.

Now more than ever, we encourage you to share your opinions, give your experiences, and to transmit this way of thinking to all your contacts. If you truly believe in information exchange as a key method for improving companies, don’t hesitate to do it!

Share, collaborate, transmit, exchange and meet up… but efficiently!

Your company will thank you for it! 😉