Thanks for 2011!

Estimated reading time: This is the longest post of 2011

Zyncro has undergone a radical change in just one year that would not have been possible without all of you!

We’ve gone:

  • From a file sharing and microblogging system to an Enterprise Social Network for organizations and communities
  • From a local company to being present in 6 countries (more surprises to follow!)
  • From 0 to more than 30 ZyncroApps and integrations
  • From 3 to 8 languages and there’s more still to come
  • From version 1.3 to version 3.1
  • From a simple product to a social platform and architecture for enterprises

Thanks, Lluís, for not thinking we’re crazy!

To Adrià, for encouraging us and supporting us at all times

To Dídac, for his vision and “off-road” support with a service level of 99.9999% (sometimes, he actually does sleep, but only sometimes! 😉

To Roque, for dealing with those major glitches along the way

To Luis, Manuel, Bernat, Alejando, José and Paloma for all their advice and common sense (which is worth its weight!)

To the Tandil team which has given their ALL: to Guillermo for providing support any hour of the day; to Nicolás, Paola, Javier, Juan Ignacio, Alejandro, Julio and Gastón for always developing against the clock; to Anahí for believing in usability as much as I do; to Mauro, Facundo and Fernando, for being firmly committed to Quality; to Sergio, for designing with globalized criteria; and to Nahuel, for his sleepless nights.

In Tandil also, to Nacho, for his peace of mind (it rubs off on us all) and “anything is possible” nature and to Santiago, for believing in Zyncro

To Jordi, for being so pragmatic

To Oriol, for being so versatile

To Ana, for struggling and struggling and struggling…. and still continuing to struggle on…

To Nuno, for his intellectual and social contributions

To María, for her optimism

To Jaume, for his great sense of humor and great work

To Sali, for being the most sociable and deal-closing person in the world with clients

To Agustín, for learning so quickly and working so hard, always with a smile on his face

To Franco, for integrating us with everything and for being so Zyncronized

To Susana, for achieving the unachievable and the impossible and even a bit more

To Patricia, for being the best (by a long shot) in online, offline, social and traditional organization

To Silvia and Mila, for contributing so much value in so little time

To Carlos, for writing, tweeting, Facebooking, LinkedIning, Hootsuiting…

To Lurdes, Rafa, Belén, Isabel and Jordi, for controlling us, financing us, informing us, organizing us, promoting us and paying us, always done with a smile and a kind word

To Carles, for cueing us in with the Valley

To Sampi, for making the trek across the desert and beyond possible (this will always be your home; if you get bored, you can always come back)

To Dolors, Diana, Albert, Ana and Jose, the stress and speed of startups means they don’t always have a place for excellent people like you

To Zyncro Mexico, for their major success almost right off the plane. With Juan and Jose at the head, we’re unbeatable.

To Nori, Teru and Daisuke, for believing in, for committing to and fighting for Zyncro in the Land of the Rising Sun

To Juliana and Marcelo, for Zyncronizing Brazil

To Robert and Jean-Michel, for pronouncing Zyncro in France, I think it’s “Syncrò”!

To Yolanda at Grupo Singular, for her know-how and believing in us

To Xavier at IOR Consulting, for teaching us to be 2.0 (with some of more than 50). Boy, has he taught us things…

To Xavier at OmegaPharma, for being the CIO with a business vision par excellence

To our blog contributors who in a selfless and altruistic way provide an amazing intellectual value, not only to us, but to the Internet community in general: Oscar, Ignasi, Joan, Juliana, Josep, Oriol, Nuno, Agustin, Albert, Pep, Susana, Javier, Ana, Patricia, Pablo, Xavier, Francesc, Jaume, Alexander, Dídac, Sílvia, Marty, Sílvia, Diana, Tatiana, Bartolomé, Mertxe, María, Pedro, José, juan, Albert, Franco, Yolanda, Isabel, Joe, Jose and Carlos

To Silvia “La Saladeta”, for her brilliant designs in record time

To Barto, Toni, Jordi and Daniel at Sys&Apps, for bring us into the mobile world

To Santiago at Conzentra, for supporting us, for believing in us and for taking us in

To Sergio at VCS Systems, for bring the scanner to the cloud

To Juan María and Anna at XMS, for their teamwork

To Ciro and Rosa at Consultia, for integrating us with SAP

To Jesús, Alberto and David at Everis, for being visionaries

To Hotelerum and GooTaxi, for being the best neighbours

To Joe, for being so versatile and being everywhere

To those people in that big Bank and that telecommunications operator, who we can’t mention, but who have believed and continue to believe in us

To all those customers, who with their daily support, comments and product use make us even better

To all our Zyncro partners and contributors, who help us make the Enterprise 2.0 come true: friendly, kind, approachable and efficient, with quality and global standards. I’m sure I haven’t mentioned a great many who deserve a mention…

To Adrián, Victor and Ada, for wanting to play, giving much happiness and affection.

And finally, to Julia, for her support, patience, warmth and love; without you, everything would be impossible for me.


This post has been written and published without the endless support of the Zyncro marketing team, who usually reviews, corrects, adapts, rewrites, rethinks and touches up everything we publish.

Any error, omission and/or nonsense is entirely attributable to Lluis Font.