Zyncro now has an app for Android

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

The application for Android that will let you access your Enterprise Social Network from your smartphone in real time is now here!

The New Year has already brought great things for Zyncro: its first native app for Android!

As of yesterday, you can now download the beta app from Android Market. With it, you can:

  • Check out all your organization’s activity
  • Post, read, comment and assess personal and corporate news
  • View your work groups and interact with them
  • Access your corporate documents and upload photos in real time
  • See the activity in the different departments
  • Consult your list of internal and external contacts
  • View your profile

What’s more, you’ll receive instant notifications of all updates, if you want: posted messages, actions on files or people joining or leaving Zyncro.

Look after your customers, collaborate with your partners, manage your company’s documents and projects and discover all the latest activity in your organization from anywhere, at any time.

With Zyncro, you can now manage everything that happens in your organization from the palm of your hand. Because your company doesn’t disappear when you leave the office.

If you still haven’t got a corporate account in Zyncro, register at http://www.zyncro.com and try it out for free. You’ll have instant access to the contents of your Enterprise Social Network from the web and your Android smartphone.

Download the Zyncro app on your Android device… and zyncronize yourself!