Hotel 2.0: Hyperconnnected hotel management

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

After publishing the infographic for the “Company 2.0” we’d like to present the “Hotel 2.0”. A graphic representation of hotel management in terms of integration, hyperconnection and the social trend.

The “Hotel 2.0” is one where:

  • Departments communicate with one another fluidly and across the board
  • Technology is integrated and systems are interconnected:
    • CMS: for managing specific contents
    • PMS: for managing hotel resources
    • BI: for getting business statistics
  • All the social information outside the hotel’s walls is taken into account, information from:
    • Social networks
    • Multimedia channels
    • Opinion and booking engines
    • Comparison and metasearch engines
  • Management of all processes is centralized and efficient

All done through an integrating network that enables complete hyperconnection: your Enterprise Social Network, for example, Zyncro.

Want to find out the business advantages of incorporating technology 2.0 in your hotel?

As always, you can share our infographic by downloading it using the following zlink.