Zyncro closes a second financing round

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Once again, we’re pleased to be able to share with you some good news for Zyncro that accompanies the start of this new year. On this occasion, we’re happy to announce that Zyncro closed a second round of financing for the sum of 1.6 million euro.

This figure, as well as enabling us to continue developing Zyncro as an enterprise social network, also holds a special value for us as it symbolizes our investors’ growing confidence. In particular, I’m referring to Active Venture Partners, which has incorporated as a Zyncro shareholder for the first time in this second round.

Active Venture Partners, one of the main international venture capital firms in Spain, joins current shareholders “La Caixa”, through the fund Caixa Capital TiC; Cabiedes & Partners; Perennius (Spanish); Aniol and XMS; as well as the Dutch firm Nordhold.

For Zyncro and its parent group Inspirit, the backing of our investors is a guarantee and recognition of the company’s positive progress, whose growth has been unstoppable since its outset in 2008.

What’s more, we’re delighted to hear the words of the co-founder and managing partner of Active Venture Partners, Ricard Söderberg, who on assessing this investment has referred to Zyncro as the new trend in social networking for companies following on after Facebook. “Zyncro is a leader in the concept of Enterprise 2.0, since its role as an Enterprise Social Network improves internal collaboration and knowledge management in companies”, says Ricard.

A vision we’re committed to 100%!

As we mentioned, this new financing will be used to boost the company’s two priorities: developing the product and continuing its expansion process.

In 2012, we want to be even more zyncronized than ever and offer you the best in your Enterprise Social Network!