SharePoint Connector for Zyncro: When three make one

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After the news posted a few weeks ago on this blog, we’re proud to announce the official presentation event of the Zyncro and SharePoint integration, because Zyncro is now the social layer in SharePoint.

SharePoint Connector for Zyncro: When three make one (Spanish)

Who is giving it?

This official presentation in Spanish will be given by the three agents that have made this integration possible: Zyncro (Enterprise Social Network), ZyncSocial (company specialized in social technology implementation methodologies) and Pasiona Consulting (company specialized in Microsoft technologies).

The running order of the event is as follows:

10.00 am (30 min) – Enterprise social networks

What is Zyncro? The role of internal social networks in corporate management and the function of business communities.

Speaker: Patricia Fernández Carrelo (Zyncro)

10.30 am (30 min) – Implementation

Illustration of the methodology involved in implementing an enterprise social network; The social methods of ZyncSocial.

Speaker: Josep Baijet (ZyncSocial)

11.00 am (30 min) – Integration

What is SharePoint Connector for Zyncro?

How to integrate SharePoint with Zyncro, success stories, key elements in correct integration and practical examples on how to extend SharePoint with SCZ

Speaker: Edin Kapić (Pasiona Consulting)

Where and when?

The event will take place on Friday, February 17, at Microsoft Barcelona (C/ Josep Plà, 2).

How do I participate?

To participate in this event given in Spanish, you just need to register using the following link:

Zyncro, ZyncSocial, Pasiona Consulting and Microsoft will be there, what about you?

I want to attend too!