How to integrate Zyncro with just about anything

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

ZyncroToday I’d like to explain how to integrate the Business microblogging account of Zyncro… with just about anything. Yes, and I mean anything!!!

Anything that is capable of generating RSS or sending an email can be integrated with Zyncro. So in other words, that means almost all the services that there has been or will be on the Internet, even perhaps the tools you use each day in your company.

Of course, with Zyncro by using the API, you can develop integrations that go to another level, enabling you to create users, manage groups, send invitations, etc.

But integration via RSS and email is much easier to integrate with any system quickly.

Let’s look at some examples of integrations:


See your LinkedIn feed in Zyncro

  • Select the group in Zyncro which you want to post this information. It can be a group you already share or you can create a new one, just for you, or invite other people. It all depends on who you want to see this LinkedIn information you’ll integrate.
  • Go to and generate the RSS of all the updates in your network of contacts.
  • In the Zyncro group, on the sidebar, there’s an option to “Add a feed subscription.” Copy the URL of the RSS you want to integrate there.

emailSend information by email to Zyncro

  • Create a new user in Zyncro. Give that user the name of the tool you want to integrate and use the logo as the profile photo.
  • Create a group in Zyncro and invite your usual user (and whoever else you want too) to that group.
  • Using the new user you have created, in the group you’ll see an email address on the sidebar to which you can send microblogging messages. The attachments you send will also be uploaded to Zyncro!

Follow a user in Twitter


Follow a topic or a hash tag in Twitter

RSSRead news about a topic from Zyncro

  • In Google News you can search for news, filter it, configure it by language and many other options to refine the search. When you have finished refining the search and what you see on screen is what you want to see in Zyncro, go to the bottom of the page and you’ll find a button there to generate the RSS.

Follow what is being said about a topic on the web

  • First in your Google account settings, add the email address of the group, as I explained before. You’ll receive a confirmation email that you’ll see directly on the Zyncro wall, with a link. Click on it to confirm the account.
  • Then in generate alerts for the topics you want and configure them so news is sent to the email you have added.


Financial Information

Follow the status of your servers

  • Using Pingdom you can monitor the status of any system in your company and see its availability. You can configure it so that you are sent an email any time the service is down. Use the email account of your group to see it in Zyncro. What’s more you can post the graphs generated in AddZyngs.

SharePointView SharePoint notifications in Zyncro


Thought of any more examples? There are thousands! Have you seen how easy it is?

Tell us how you integrate Zyncro in your daily work!