The new integrated Zyncro, the social tool for your organization

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Zyncro continues to grow!
During the last year it has taken a giant step forward.

To show you everything that Zyncro represents today, and in line with our usual style we’ve created a new infographic. Because once again, a picture is worth a thousand words! 😉



The organizational change towards the Enterprise or Company 2.0 has become more consolidated with a new widespread communication and knowledge management model in companies.

When adopting an enterprise social network, your company doesn’t start from zero. So Zyncro has incorporated features to easily connect with your existing systems, becoming the integrated social tool for your entire organization, which now lets you:

All this as well as existing features:

  • Private work groups for easy and secure collaboration with co-workers, partners, customers or suppliers
  • Document management in a secure and private cloud, accessible from anywhere and from any device
  • Properly organized and integrated tasks for monitoring each project
  • Corporate directory, with contact info on all the people in your organization as well as your external contributors.

Remember, you can download or share this infographic using the following Zlink!