Penteo Report: Case Study of the Adoption of Enterprise Social Networks

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Penteo Report

Penteo Report: Case Study of the Adoption of Enterprise Social Networks

presents the Penteo report, which analyzes the experience of several companies that have successfully implemented enterprise social networks in their organizations.

Penteo is an independent consultancy firm providing consulting on IT technologies. They are experts in market analysis and innovative business solutions.

From HR to IT, through to General Management, Marketing or Communication, new initiatives are arising that evolving our way of working towards the new paradigm of the Enterprise 2.0, built on the Internet and based on collaborative work, leaving traditional individualistic or hierarchical models far behind.

Some of the goals sought by enterprises that implement an enterprise social network are to encourage participation, avail of a social software, forgetting the obsolete intranets of yester-year, centralize corporate knowledge, drive innovation, heighten the feeling of belonging.

To ensure the success of the change, these goals need to be kept in front of mind. Executives need to buy in, both in communicating these goals from the outset and in promoting the change by setting the example and providing all the necessary resources. Finally, the benefits obtained need to be measured to take corrective actions where necessary, and ensure satisfactory results.

In this case study, Penteo has summarized how several companies have implemented this process, and what the key factors for the success of the project are.

With the Penteo Report, you’ll discover:

  • The needs and concerns that initially motivated the project
  • The decision-making process before rollout
  • The importance of a pilot phase and executive buy-in for the success of the project
  • How ease of use and implementation makes other business areas consider its adoption
  • The change in users’ habits and the benefits
  • The key factors for success and the main challenges detected

This report is devised for Management teams, as well as HR, Internal Communication and Marketing departments. Share it with the whole managing team of your organization.

Download the Penteo Report and discover the factors for success in implementing your Enterprise Social Network!