Maybe you got Zyncro for one of these reasons?

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In my last post “Set a goal for your Zyncro”, we looked at working out “why” you acquired Zyncro. With this now identified, we want to share our experience on the matter.

From our projects with customers who have looked at this “why”, we have seen that most companies seek goals that can be summarized in 16 types:

1. Co-creation: Create or change products or services through a collaborative process with customers and suppliers

2. Collaboration: Enhance the company’s collaborative capacity with regards to processes, decisions and activities

3. Conflict resolution: Resolve conflict situations between areas of the organization

4. Engagement: Get greater involvement from employees in the company

5. Process improvement: Leverage collaborative tools to make improvements in the organization’s current processes

6. Knowledge management: Increase the possibilities of finding the best resources in the company for determined actions according to their experience and knowledge

7. External communication: Improve the communication of different aspects (news, improvements, changes, etc.) with customers and suppliers

8. Document management: Improve document management processes within the organization, making it easy to manage and easy to find

9. Innovation: Generate new ideas for improving the organization, study them and if possible, implement them

10. Training: Improve learning systems within the company

11. Relationships among employees: Enhance knowledge among employees in the organization

12. Mentoring: Support mentoring processes within the organization to help develop middle management

13. Workflow: Create workflow processes in the company

14. Project management: Manage projects more efficiently

15. Sales management: Establish systems for managing interactive sales opportunities and customer service through collaborative tools

16. Personal productivity: Focus on improving individual productivity by using collaborative systems

What are the goals in your company?

You can choose one or two, but we recommend that you don’t be too ambitious. Your choice needs to be realistic. Each of these goals needs careful planning and to carry out tasks that help us achieve them. For this reason, ZyncSocial has created the SocialMethods, standard plans ready to be rolled out according to the goal sought in your company.

For each type of project, there is a plan, a template with time, resources, tasks and costs that are required to achieve it.

This diagram gives the 16 SocialMethods:

We’ll explain more about these SocialMethods in our next post. 😉

Josep Baijet is General Manager at ZyncSocial, a Zyncro partner specialized in consulting, training and implementation for enterprise social networks.