Zyncro news from Mexico: increase your competiveness and eliminate downtimes

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Enterprise Social Networks in MexicoJust 4 months ago Zyncro opened its office in Mexico but it is already becoming a leading player in the market and has started to create ripples in the Mexican media.

The newspaper El Financiero published this article on March 27, in which it highlighted the importance of enterprise social networks as a tool for increasing the competiveness of any company that has to collaborate and share information, letting it:

  • eliminate downtimes
  • ensure that all its information is maintained and available for retrieval from anywhere and from any device
  • implement cultural policies inside the organization to increase motivation and the feeling of belonging

This organizational changes also has a measurable ROI, as it provides “savings of up to 15,000 dollars a year”. Zyncro is the company that wants to drive and lead this change in paradigm in the Mexican market, one of the first steps in its strategy to bring the solution to the Americas.

Among others, on Wednesday, March 28, the newspaper Excélsior also highlighted in this piece the arrival of Zyncro on the Mexican market after the success of its strategy in Spain, and its desire to be within just two years the leader in enterprise social networks in Latin America.

Both news items emphasize initial collaboration agreements with technology partners and the first Mexican customers, as well as the advanced stage of talks with companies in the banking, insurance, distribution, industry, brewing, food, pharmaceutical, government, education, and political sectors.

North America is being zyncronized… Why not follow their lead?