Communication without language barriers with the new ZyncroApp: Zyncro Translator

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Multilingual communication without language barriers is now possible in Zyncro with the new ZyncroApp: Zyncro Translator.

From last Friday, Zyncro now offers all its users a new ZyncroApp: Zyncro Translator in beta phase for a limited time.

This ZyncroApp has been developed by one of our expert partners in Microsoft technology and social technology with Zyncro: IndustryLabs. Thanks to them, language is no longer an obstacle to communication within Zyncro.

Zyncro Translator lets you translate messages and comments on your wall in a simple click. Powered by the Bing (Microsoft) translation engine, it detects the messages that are not in the same language as your Zyncro and lets you translate them using a “Translate” button located beside each message. It’s that simple!

The Bing translator lets you translate messges between 38 different languages!

To activate it, your organization administrator needs to go to the Administration Panel > ZyncroApps and enable the translation app: Zyncro Translator.

Once enabled, users will see the “Translate” button beside those messages that have not been written in the language they have configured in their Zyncro.

Now users can understand the contents of the messages written in languages they don’t speak.

The world is a little bit smaller for Zyncro and there are no language barriers in any organization…

Both multinationals and SMEs that deal with international issues through their Zyncro now have a new tool to interact with their contacts securely, socially and now in multiple languages.

The operation of this ZyncroApp is really simple and unobtrusive, as you can see in the following example.

Remember that this Translate button will only appear on those messages that are written in a language different to the one you have configured in your Zyncro!

Original message (Zyncro configured in Spanish, original message in English)

Translated message (Zyncro configured in Spanish, message translated to Spanish)

Try out Zyncro Translator (beta) now and remove those language barriers with colleagues in your organization in other countries, with your partners or customers within your Enterprise Social Network.

Yes, you can!

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