New Webinar on Private Social Networks for achieving customer loyalty

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Let me take this opportunity with my first post on this blog to present myself: I’m Eirene Ramos, new contributor here at Zyncro. It’s a pleasure to form part of this great team of professionals! :-)

I’m your customer, spoil me and socialize with me for me to become your brand’s champion and for me to recommend it.” Social networks are already a basic communication tool and now the tool of choice for companies to communicate with their customers. If you want to make your customers loyal… this is the webinar for you!

Continuing our series of Spanish-language training webinars started in December by Zyncro and Web2Present, we’d like to invite you all to a new webinar entitled “Private Social Networks for Achieving Customer Loyalty.”

What’s it all about?

At this new webinar, apart from the basic concepts on what is an Internal Social Network within a company, we’ll explain how major corporations have decided to invest in the development of Private Social Networks to achieve customer loyalty. A tool of this type lets organizations of any size offer added value to their customers and give them a private information exchange environment that is attune to their interests.

Companies that go for social technology to achieve customer loyalty experience a ROI based on the positive association and user experience, which is extended exponentially to new potential customers.

For this reason, in this webinar, Zyncro will explain the benefits and advantages of Private Social Networks, from from a business and technology perspective, illustrate several success stories and will discuss the best practices in implementing a network of this type.


The webinar will take place on Thursday, April 26, at 18.00 CET and will last approximately an hour.

Who is giving it?

The seminar will be given by Patricia Fernández Carrelo, head of Marketing at Zyncro.

Who is it aimed at?

This Spanish-language webinar is aimed at all those enterprises that are interested in and want to discover the possibilities and advantages of implementing a Private Social Network for socializing with customers and creating loyalty, implementing a social space for communication with customers as well as sharing contents.

How do I participate?

To participate in our Spanish-language webinar, you just need to register using this form.

To find out more about Private Social Networks for achieving customer loyalty, click the following link I want to attend the webinar!