Zyncro Features: Tasks Section

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

What is the Tasks section?

The Tasks section is a tab within Zyncro that lets users create and assign tasks to other members of the organization and to the users themselves.

We’re going to give you a sneak peek at some of the features that we will be including in version 3.3 that will come out in a few weeks’ time. (Some, not all :-) )

What options are there within the Tasks section?

  • The tasks can be sorted by creation date, identification number, or even by deadline on which the task must be completed. There is also an option to display filtered tasks, for example, display only completed tasks or only pending ones.
  • What’s more, you can display a list with the tasks created and the following information on each one: Identification number, creation date, type, person responsible, task completion deadline and task status. And finally, a description for the task, where the work group is also shown. If you click on the task, you can change all these options, and there’s an option to flag the task for follow-up in the next meeting.
  • The “Create Task” button, as its name suggests, lets you add new tasks to the current list. Below you’ll find the steps for creating a task:

How do I create tasks?

There are two ways to create a task:

Creating tasks in Zyncro

A) Create a task within a group (for this you need to have task manager permissions within that group)

  1. Click on My Zyncro Account > Files & Groups
  2. Select the group where you want to create the task.
  3. Go to the Tasks tab and click on the “Create task” button.
  4. Enter a title, a description, assign the person in charge, select the task type and, if necessary, the deadline and the status.
  5. You can also add a comment that will be posted on the group’s wall together with the task creation event.
  6. To finish, click on “Save and create another task” to continue creating tasks, or “Save and close” to end task creation.

B) Create a task directly in My Zyncro Account > Tasks; the difference is that with this option you need to add the group in which you want to create the task.

Tasks tab within groups

Within each group, there is a Tasks tab. Here you will find all the tasks associated with the group and its members. Users with task manager permissions can change the tasks from the same page by clicking on one of the tasks shown in the list.

Create, manage and assign tasks to members in your organization from Zyncro!