Social Business in Europe. A chronicle on an interesting innovation

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The concept of Social Business is becoming more significant on the international business front. From the US, we hear constant news regarding the different trends in Enterprise 2.0, like the “Enterprise 2.0” congress that started in Boston yesterday, June 18. But the old continent isn’t far behind on the developments and innovation, and is keeping up-to-date on new business trends:

Participating in:

At Zyncro, we can affirm that the concept of “Social Business” or “Enterprise 2.0” is not a passing trend, but a business reality.

The characteristics that shape this description range from internal communication, through to social relationships with customers, and touch all aspects of corporate management: change, knowledge, and idea management, managing corporate and personal learning processes.

Here you have a picture from the presentation given by Juan Liedo, Director of the Enterprise 2.0 division of Ibermática, at the Enterprise 2.0 and Social Business Congress in Seville, where all these sectors could be clearly identified in a very educational manner:

Intranet 2.0, Accelerating Change Management, Customer Service 2.0 (and as success stories, mention must be made to Vueling and MRW), Knowledge Management 2.0, Enterprise Social Networks, Open Goverment, Social Learning, Social Media Marketing, Idea Management 2.0, Press Room 2.0, Social Recruiting, HR Management 2.0… and a concept I’d like to add that results from the contributions of all agents involved in the business network and new data generated at source and around the company: Big Data.

Our participation in these events (and the next one will be in Oporto: Social Now ;-)) has proved for us how relevant these concepts are, as we have been showing continually through our ZyncroBlog.

So we’ve banished completely the idea that an “enterprise 2.0” is one with Facebook and Twitter accounts, we continue to promote the value of those professionals within our corporations who are familiar with this new way of understanding and dealing with ideas, knowledge and technology, and above all, we haven’t forgotten that this description refers to business aspects and therefore should be seen as a business issue that can directly affect the P&L account.

We have already spoke about “management 2.0” on many occasions, but now more than ever, at Zyncro we want to reiterate this way of leading a business, as it is the only way if we want to innovate, progress and improve the company results.

Business, company, results. That is how “Social Business” is translated, supported by technology to advance this new way of proceeding, and which needs to be led by general management, department heads, HR, Marketing…

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to find out more about what the Enterprise 2.0 is and how you can start to become one… we’re happy to help :-)