So, is your agency 2.0?

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We live in a world in which communication today is a far cry from what it was 5 years ago, not to mention what it was like 15 or 20 years before that. We used to send letters and then emails, now we send messages by WhatsApp and Facebook. We used to go to the cinema, now we use online streaming and we have home cinema equipment and even 3D televisions. We used to use a map to get around the city, now we have GPS or Google Maps on a Smartphone.

However, the latest technology we have adopted so quickly at a personal level, has always taken time to appear in our professional lives. It all started with the email revolution, which little by little has eliminated ordinary mail and which is about to make faxing obsolete.



Over the last two years 2.0 tools have started to make an appearance in offices and although it may be hard to believe, agencies aren’t exactly revolutionaries in this process.

A communications agency, be it marketing, advertising or public relations, is dedicated to creating or transforming a brand’s voice, adapting it to the media, to channels and of course to the target audience. What I have noticed since the boom of digital communication, is that agencies in Spain are taking longer than normal to adjust their structures and strategies to current times; above all, the ATL or Above the line agencies. And I refer more to their internal operations than their campaigns. If the people working at the agencies aren’t completely immersed in the infinity of possibilities of the 2.0 world, they will be hard pressed to help their clients create engagement in the new media.

When I discovered Zyncro one of my first thoughts, as a communications professional, was that it is the ideal tool for an advertising agency. Why?

  1. Briefing and counter-briefing 2.0: gone are the days of emails and never-ending meetings. You simply create a working group for the client, you invite them to the group and exchange information in the documents area. Creative debates can be created, links and photos added… even a workflow created for the approval process.
  2. The creative process: What better way to discover how the creative work is going! In the case of collaborating with freelance designers, integration using the project management tool will allow you to monitor the number of hours dedicated to a task, its status and the budget. In addition it is easy to upload images, large presentations and videos. The best thing? You don’t even have to download them onto your hard drive, that’s what the Zyncro Video Player is for 😉
  3. Billing: Again I refer to the usefulness of Workflow for establishing the approval process by the client, the Account Manager and even Administration. What’s more, it is all securely saved on the cloud.

There is also an endless number of low-cost tools that, combined with a Corporate Social Network, can make an agency’s life much easier.

  • is a tool for creating mind maps which should be a must for all planners.
  • makes travel unnecessary, thanks to low-cost videoconferences.
  • Zoho Invoice facilitates the management of invoices for Accounts and Accounting…

So, what about your agency? Is it already using any of these tools? Is it planning to implement them? Join the Social Business revolution, evolve to 2.0!