Zyncro 3.4: protected public links, improvements to notifications, permissions and the structure of Groups and Departments

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Were proud to present Zyncro version 3.4, which includes improvements to our external links or Zinks, which are now even more private and secure thanks to the new expiry date and password options; a better definition of permissions for each user, improvements to the notifications system and to the organization and classification of departments, as well as new integration options.

Welcome to Zyncro 3.4, start enjoying it now!

Public links (Zlinks) are even better protected and more secure: expiry date, password and description

You will now have complete control of the Zlinks you create and therefore you can even use them to share your most confidential documents. Zyncro 3.4 provides all files and folders with a new option: Public links (Zlinks), where you can view all the Zlinks created, because with Zyncro 3.4, you can:

  • Add an expiry date to the Zlink: if you use a Zlink for a work document on a project, it is likely that once the final document is ready you no longer need the Zlink of the draft to be accessible. Version 3.4 introduces the option of adding an expiry date to your Zlinks, this way they will only be active for the period of time necessary.
  • Create a password: the link to the document is private and only the people who know the password will be able to view it. This way you can share your confidential documents with the utmost security.
  • Create a description that only you can see, to help you identify each one of your Zlinks: why you created it, who for if you have several Zlinks to the same document; this option will also help you identify the recipient or the use you want to give it.

If you create a Zlink with a password, when you send it to the recipient, they will receive the following message, in which they will have to enter the password you have previously created and which you can always consult under “Public links (Zlinks)” in the File or Folder.


Better definition of permissions for each user in Groups and Profile

  • New permissions for groups
    Zyncro 3.4 comes a new user category: the Commentator. The owner of the Group or Department can decide which members have permission to comment in the Group and which are read-only members. In this case, they won’t be able to see the comment field or create new message threads. By default, all users are commentators.

  • New user profile visibility options
    Your email address will be visible only to those you think should have access to it. There are three different options: 

    • only you can see it
    • your departments can see it, or
    • all of your contacts can see it
    • By default, the last option is activated.

Receive the information you need, how you need it: improvements to the notifications system

Information regarding the interaction of other users with you at your fingertips with just one click: the notifications icon will display the last five actions in chronological order. Unread actions will be highlighted in a lighter color.



Classification of departments (or businesses) in your organization

In this new version, the Administrator can classify departments by category and location. To do so, go to Administration Panel>Organization Configuration>Organization Structure, where you will be able to create the necessary categories and locations to better organize the departments and companies that form part of your organization.

To follow a category or location, and see on your wall all the corresponding messages, there are two possibilities:

  • In the Departments section, directly follow the category by right-clicking on it.


  • Click on Departments>on any Category or Location>Follow this Category/Location

This option is useful for organizations with a large number of departments or businesses. It is a good way of structuring information: when following departments or companies, you can exclusively follow a category or location. For example, the manager of the head office in Barcelona wants to find out about the communications made by the departments or companies in that location only. With this version, all this is possible. In fact, in the case of new departments being created with this same location, they can be followed automatically.

New integration options

Companies that have their own intranets or other services to provide authentication can use the Single Sign-on (SSO) method with Zyncro with a minimum level of development. This means there is no need to log on to Zyncro as another system, but use the login of the other network that the company has and gain time.

Also in this version, we have corrected several minor incidents and bugs, and have improved overall performance.

To finish, you can see a summary of the new features in this presentation:

Check out the new features of Zyncro 3.4 now available, and of course, if you have any queries, don’t hesitate to contact us at soporte (@) zyncro.com

Start using the improved performance Zlinks, define permissions for your group and department users, decide who can see your email, receive the information you need as you need it, improve the department or business structure and try out the new integration options.

Looking forward to hearing from you!