Zyncro helps manage vacations in your company

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Many of our readers will soon go on vacation, but before you go and “switch off” a little, as we’ve already told you on Zyncro Blog, you always need to leave all your tasks completed, as it’s the best way to enjoy your time off and not create mountains of work for those left behind.

Especially in July and August in most organizations in Europe, there’s a constant toing and froing of employees to prevent the company from being left completely unmanned, and in all departments there is always someone left behind to look after the day to day running, although it tends to be less than usual. In order for everything to run like clockwork, and so that those left behind don’t spend their days under piles of work, proper organization in terms of HR and management of projects, clients, suppliers, etc. is required.

For that reason, you should bear in mind some tips that might be handy when managing summer vacations using Zyncro:

  • We recommend you notify well advance of the days you will be away with a message on your organization’s wall , so that everyone in your company or department, as appropriate, knows who they can call on at any stage.
  • Revise your pending tasks, if you have scheduled a task for when you will be out of the office, change the date so it won’t expire.
  • Don’t forget to turn off all email notifications in your Zyncro from Profile > Configure notifications, so that it doesn’t publish an automatic “OoO” mail every time there is an update in your groups and/or departments.
  • If you have specific instructions while you’re away, you can post a message in the group or department, and where there are a number of instructions, you can create a document with all the task and upload it to your group or department.

These are just some of the ideas that you can use in order to relax, switch off and be worry-free during your well-deserved vacations, knowing that your colleagues left in charge of your tasks will also be stress-free. What do you think? Do you plan on using these tips or others in your Zyncro when you go on vacation?

With this post, we’d also like to wish you all a pleasant vacation and remind you that Zyncro Blog doesnt close. We’ll continue to keep you informed of the latest ideas on the Enterprise 2.0, new product developments and Zyncro news.

Happy zynchronized vacations! 😉