Zyncro on the big screen

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At Zyncro we have always supported entrepreneurship and innovation. For that reason, when the production team of the movie Subir al cielo approached us, we didn’t hesitate in joining in. But how could Zyncro relate to a movie? Continue reading to find out 😉

Subir al cielo is a fictional feature film that has opted for innovation in the creative cinematographic processes, both in production and distribution. It was shot and produced with a zero budget that defends the pro-common culture and is backed by a Creative Commons license. Its work methodology is based fundamentally on crowdsourcing. Here is where Zyncro comes into play: during the shooting of the movie the team is using Zyncro as the internal tool for carrying out its work. In the words of Lucía Costa, from production, who tells of the benefits that using an Enterprise Social Network in their project has brought them:

Zyncro gives us an internal communication space that overcomes obstacles in time and space. The structure of our intranet revolves around the different departments that participate in the audiovisual projects we are making: Direction, Production, Photography, Sound, Post-Production, Distribution, Design and Communication. We also have a legal department that manages documentation on the association and with interdepartmental groups that operate like forums for carrying out the work and specific events.

Transparency and the constant flow of communication help create a social collaboration environment which is so necessary in a project of this type.

Another pillar on which Subir al cielo is supported is without a doubt the Kaizen philosophy. The core of this Japanese thinking lies in the desire to overcome and it champions the possibilities of the infinite change for the better. We believe that Zyncro can help us to implement this way of working, as common access to documentation helps troubleshooting, accelerates correction, and generates improvement. Furthermore, Zyncro offers the capacity to update documents immediately, storing them within an efficient and organized structure of contents.

Zyncro also helps external communication processes in the entity notably. Thanks to ZLinks, we can transfer information to our partners exclusively, as well as to future sponsors and media. We particularly value the ease of use and operation that the platform offers us in working with video, as it was almost impossible to manage them via email due to the size of the files. For us, this factor is essential, as with the shooting now finished, we need to find funding to optimize distribution, both at festivals, and on screens and VoD platforms on the Internet. This process is very complex, and for this reason, we are happy to be able to have a tool that simplifies and enriches the relationship with our contacts.

Being able to work with image and video formats will mean that the Post-Production departments can show short clips of the movie to the rest of the team. This way, interest will be maintained and boosted during the long editing stage, which is usually quite slow.

Subir al cielo is also aided by Zyncro in terms of physical meetings. We can call meetings through the platform, whether it be to shoot more scenes or for conventional meetings. This system helps us to reduce the number of emails and more precisely control attendance.

At Subir al cielo, we believe that as well as contributing to corporate information exchange, Zyncro promotes collaborative learning as it gives permanent contact between different sectors.”

The team of Subir al cielo shows us how Zyncro can be adapted to any business environment, no matter what sector or area. The movie industry is being Zyncronized… What are you waiting for?