Wednesday’s Use Case: International communication

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Carol, Digital Marketing Manager for a US multinational in the UK was following the messages posted by Pierre, her equivalent in their Paris office. Carol had chosen German and Spanish at school, so she didn’t speak a word of French.

Pierre had just posted a message on Zyncro, and soon it had received 11 comments and 12 “Likes”. It got Carol thinking that the message must be something important. Thanks to Bing integration with Zyncro, just by clicking “translate” she was finally able to understand what was happening:


Pierre and his team had done something amazing: in just a week after having launched the company’s YouTube channel in France, the number of visits was unbelievable. Pierre spoke of some 50,000!

Carol, of course, sent her congratulations. For a while now, she had studied the idea of creating an exclusive YouTube channel for the UK, but until now she didn’t know she had a colleague who was an expert on the topic, so now she had some weighty arguments she could present to her boss.

Pierre is the perfect colleague for the job, he had given Carol all the keys for making her project a success. Carol was glad she could count on his support!

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