New Zyncrotag version: your keywords in Zyncro

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Editor’s note: Hi everyone, I’m Luis, I’m a programmer at Zyncro for four happy months now, where I create applications and extensions for Zyncro and its projects. Today as my first post on ZyncroBlog I’d like to present the new version of Zyncrotag. Check out the new features available now 😉

Remember how corporate hashtags are used? How are they used in your organization? Missing any features? Today I’d like to present the new improved version of this ZyncroApp containing great new features, but before that… Let’s remind ourselves of how it is used with the presentation post of Zyncrotags…


The hashtag phenomenon is widely known in Twitter where it is used to indicate keywords or topics that the tweet make reference to.

Hashtags, which started as a proposal from Twitter users to mark relevant words so they could be easily recovered later, is a 2.0 expression of the need to structure the contents that we are inundated with on a daily basis in this information society.

At Zyncro, we wanted to give you this tool for recovering information using a ZyncroApp, so that you can choose whether you want to use this feature within your organization or not.

To start to use this new way of organizing contents, you just need to complete 3 steps:

  1. In the Administration Panel, enable the ZyncroAppZyncrotag
  2. Add the # symbol before a word to mark it when you post a message
  3. Click on any keywords marked as hashtags for Zyncro’s search engine to recover all the information containing those keywords

Hashtag features

Hashtags don’t distinguish between upper and lower case, so if you search for #Zyncro, results for both #Zyncro and #zyncro will appear.

For hashtags to work properly, they cannot have the following symbols (and they won’t be taken as hashtags if they are followed by one either):

  • colons (:)
  • commas (,)
  • quotation marks (“)
  • semi-colons (;)
  • periods (.)

What new features will you find in this new version of the ZyncroApp?

Add tags in new sections:
  • Group descriptions
  • Department descriptions
  • Document descriptions

Each time you include a tag in one of these sections, the tag will automatically become a link. When you click on this link, it will search for the tag, without having to enter the tag manually in the search box in the top right menu.

What does this achieve? More precise searches, providing a new organizational level where we can enter a tag. What’s more, you just have to click the tag, saving you the effort of having to search for it manually. Finally, in the search results, the tag is highlighted each time it appears, making it easier to find the result you are looking for.

Enable the ZyncroApp and start to organize and retrieve your contents in a single click! Take advantage of all that Zyncrotags has to offer in your Zyncro!

Jaume Jané is responsible for ZyncroApps and integration at Zyncro. He is an expert in analysis and development for integration possibilities in Online Social Networks, enterprise software and productivity cloud applications. He coordinates interactions between Zyncro and third party technology solutions. Before, he worked with distinct companies as a web programmer and a functional analyst.