Zyncro in 5 steps

We’re proud to present our latest video “Zyncro in 5 steps”. It’s a bird’s eye view of the main steps in starting to use the features offered by Zyncro. Joe Zyncro and his sister Zoe will show you where the options are for completing data in your profile, changing the password, activating ZyncroApps, creating groups and interacting with your co-workers, among other things

It is just a tiny part of what Zyncro is, as if we had to cover all its features, we would have to organize an “extra” ComunícaMe just to show the video! We hope you like it and it encourages you to check Zyncro out. You’ll see that it is really very simple, and the benefits that it provides you both in terms of costs and productivity exceeds the investment required.

Simple, right? You’ve got no more excuses to not start using Zyncro… Get started with your Enterprise Social Network!