Wednesday’s Use Case: Sharing large files with the team and clients

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

The communication agency DIME was working on a launch campaign for the new product from ZO&JO, one of its most important clients. For the official presentation, Mike, the agency’s multimedia manager, was preparing a video that he hoped would go viral.

He was really proud of what they had done, but the client was very demanding, so before sending the client the final version, he decided to involve his team as much as possible. To do this, he created a private work group within his Enterprise Social Network called “Jo&Co Project”. He shared this group with all members of the agency involved in the project. Seeing that most of the feedback was positive, and the team was happy with his work, he decided to send the client the video.

Like some other companies in the sector, Jo&Co used email mainly to communicate. The video was almost 80 MB, meaning he couldn’t send it as an attachment. Mike decided to use a Zlink to send them the client, as a Zlink is a public link that enabled him to share information found in his Enterprise Social Network.

He grinned, thinking to himself “this will blow them away”, and clicked on the video file to create a Zlink. For confidentiality reasons, Mike gave the Zlink an expiry date and a password and set about sending the client an email with the details.

Shanna, who was in charge of the project at Jo&Co, received the email instantly as it hardly occupied any space thanks to the Zlink. She clicked on the Zlink and downloaded the video. She replied quickly to Mike, saying that there were a few minor changes to make. Mike updated the same file he had uploaded to his Enterprise Social Network with the “Upload New Version” option. He still had acccess to all the previous versions there, and the Zlink he sent Shanna would always open the latest version of the video.

Shanna downloaded the video once again and this time gave her approval. The agency’s multimedia manager posted the video with an excerpt of her comments on his personal wall so all his followers within the agency could see his “work of art” and share in the project’s success. Congratulations, Mike!

How did his Enterprise Social Network contribute to the success of the project?
  • Mike managed to get the entire team involved in the project, sharing the video with everyone
  • Zlinks simplified the change of files in a more traditional communication channel, like email
  • Version control enabled Mike to access previous versions as required
  • Posting it on his personal wall meant that the people following Mike in his agency were kept up-to-date with his latest achievements for the company.

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