Zyncro: National Finalist at the European Business Awards. Vote for us!

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As the organization of the European Business Awards quite rightly points out, “the economy is led by innovative individuals and organizations. Recognizing the evolving nature of business, true innovators originate forward-thinking concepts to instigate improvement.” Under this criteria, Zyncro has been selected as national finalist in the innovation category at the European Business Awards.

What are the European Business Awards (EBA)?

The European Business Awards have been shining a light on the most innovative businesses that, like Zyncro, seek ongoing improvement and development, by promoting success, innovation and ethics in the European business community.

These awards support the development of a stronger and more successful business community throughout Europe by:

· Drawing attention to and recognizing our best businesses and what they are doing,

· Enabling companies of all sizes and industries to compare themselves to and learn from the very best in Europe,

· Stimulating debate about the future shape, form and substance of the business community in Europe at national and international level.

From the EBA’s several categories, Zyncro has been nominated in the innovation category. It is an award that recognizes the importance of innovation as a strategy to influence ongoing business development. After being nominated as finalists, we know hope to go on to be national winners, so we need your vote.

How can I support and vote for Zyncro as national finalist in the award for Innovation?

The voting process is very simple:

  1. Click this link , where you will go straight to Zyncro’s nomination
  2. You can check out Zyncro’s video presentation, with our CEO, Lluís Font
  3. Complete your data to be able to vote (email, username and password). Don’t worry, the registration information is used only to check that you are a valid user and won’t be used for any other purpose. It makes sure everything is above board.

Zyncro, once again with innovation. Are you with Zyncro? Vote for us!