Zyncro 3.5: Participative corporate feed, more personalization and direct support in your Zyncro

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Today we have the pleasure of presenting Zyncro version 3.5, which brings major developments like: allow comments on corporate feed; full personalization of your login and password reminder page; centralize information in your Zyncro with new usage for RSS, and get help directly from Zyncro.

Check out all the great new things Zyncro 3.5 has to offer :)

More Participative Corporate Feed

Corporate feed contains those official communications that the company wants all its employees to know and that are highlighted in blue on the wall, visible to all members of the organization. From this version, for those companies with a more open-door approach who want to receive feedback on the news they publish, they can activate an option that enables employees to comment on these posts. This option, activated by default, encourages greater participation in the organization and makes employees feel even closer to the organization.

Want to know where to change it? As Organization Administrator, go to the Administration Panel > Organization Configuration > User Settings

Complete Personalization of your Login Page in Zyncro

Already personalized your company’s login URL with your corporate image and colors? Want the login and forgot your password page to be more corporate too? Or even, want to create your own login page? With version 3.5, all this is possible:

Personalize your forgot your password page

Your Organization Administrator need to configure this option from the Administration Panel>Corporate Image>Login and Forgot Your Password? Page. Here they can configure both your login and your password reminder page with your desired look and feel.

Use a personalized external login page

The Organization Administrator can select to configure the login page completely in the Administration Panel>Corporate Image>Login and Forgot Your Password? Page. After selecting this option, create your customized login page with a simple design using HTML and CSS. In major projects where you want to fully integrate your corporate image in your Enterprise Social Network, we can create your login page for you with the right look and feel.

Centralize all information in your Zyncro, even external info (RSS)

You know, if you find an interesting blog for your Enterprise Social Network work group, you can always add its entries via RSS provided you are the group owner. This means that all members of the group can see the blog feed on the group wall. Until now, a group member could comment on that feed if they had permissions; from this new version, you can also “like” RSS feed updates. What’s more, with the new feed indexing, you can also perform searches on your RSS in the search box, so valuable external RSS information can also be found easily, quickly and in the same platform.

Need help? Contact support directly from your Zyncro

Contact your Administrator if you have any problems

When an error occurs, or when you come across a situation where you need someone with higher permissions in the Enterprise Social Network, you can now contact your administrator easily. With one click, you’ll be directed to a screen where you send a private message to your organization administrator explaining the problem.

Are you the Administrator? Contact Technical Support from your Administration Panel

With this new version, Organization Administrators can contact Technical Support when an incident occurs. In Administration Panel>Account Summary>Go to Support Panel, you will be redirected to a page for logging incidents:


Also in this version we have corrected several minor incidents and bugs, and have improved overall performance.

What are you waiting for to try the new Zyncro features? Go on! Oh, of course, if you have any trouble, you can contact us at support (@) zyncro.com

Start to get feedback on your corporate feed, discover the infinity of possibilities in personalizing the look & feel in your Zyncro. Don’t forget to “Like” that RSS feed you find interesting or search for that old post that you read but can’t remember the title of. And finally, get help directly when you need it.

In short, get the most out of your Enterprise Social Network with the new Zyncro 3.5 features