Wednesday’s Use Case: Collaboration between sales reps outside the office

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

A pharmaceutical laboratory has a sales team divided into regions, with each sales rep working a particular zone. They spend each day meeting customers, going from pharmacy to pharmacy, from doctor to doctor, meaning that they only come together on sporadic occasions. Under these circumstances, it is not easy to share sales methods and develop a team dynamic.

For this reason, the lab has decided to adopt Zyncro as a business tool to help build the collaborative spirit among different departments and improve the generation of shared ideas.

Christina is responsible for the west zone of the region and shares it with Peter, who specializes in generic drug sales. Her day always starts by connecting to Zyncro using her tablet. A shortcut on her wall to the “Sales Team” group enables her to see her targets for the day that her zone manager has created for her. Before her first visit, and for each one during the day, Christina can access full, up-to-date documentation on the product through her Zyncro, meaning she doesn’t run the risk of giving misleading or out-of-date information.

Basically, being able to communicate with the rest of the company and the sales team despite not passing by the office is extremely beneficial in their work:

  • Information exchange: Each sales rep has access to all product groups in their portfolio. Through the activities on the wall of each group, members can share their experiences and learn as a group. The company even encourages them to do so, as the best contributions and tips are rewarded.
  • Team coordination: Peter and Christina can communicate in the group for their zone, so they can organize joint appointments using the calendar. Unlike email, with their Enterprise Social Network, information is centralized and can be accessed by new team members.
  • Communication with other employees: Peter can communicate with the regional team, but also with other teams. Before, at times he felt like a solo member of the company, since they have implemented the Enterprise Social Network in his organization, he feels part of the overall strategy. Beyond the range of the sales departments, important communications from other departments also appear on his wall and enable him to, for example, stay up to date with the latest developments and strategies of the marketing team, with whom he now works closely online.
  • Knowledge exchange: Whether it is through groups or activities and communications on her wall, Christina comment her successes, make inquiries, or ask for advice. Other members can respond to her questions or praise her achievements, making the company a united workplace despite the physical distances.
  • Experience: It is also a great way for sharing the situations that Christina has come across in her search for prospects and explaining to her colleagues how to implement them. What’s more, when she needs help on a specific problem, Christina uses a search engine with keywords for the problem to see if anyone else in the organization can help her.

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