Zyncro, winner at the European Business Awards

Estimated reading time + video: 5 minutes

The jury of the European Business Awards, international awards that recognize excellence, innovation and best practices in the European business sector, announced on November 1 their national champions. Zyncro has been selected as one of the 14 winning companies for Spain in the 2012/13 edition.

On this occasion, we are lucky to share the winners’ lineup with companies such as everis, Bankinter, Iberdrola and Sage Spain, among others.

Congratulations to all the winners!

This year, for the first time, participants in the European awards had to present a candidate video. You can check out all the videos on the European Business Awards website and as we previously mentioned when we were selected as finalists, you could vote for our multimedia presentation for some weeks. At Zyncro, we would like to thank you for your votes, as were sure they have contributed in recognizing our company’s innovation, business excellence and sustainability… Well leave you with the video:

We are proud to have been selected as representatives and national champion, as the European Business Awards are widely recognized across Europe as a showcase for European businesses. We’re already thinking about the next round in the evaluation process.

The final process has still some months to go: from now until January 2013, Zyncro, together with the other national champions, will be evaluated once again by a third jury made up of leading European business executives, academics and entrepreneurs. Finally, the names of the winners will be announced at a ceremony in April 2013, where we hope to be one of the chosen ones :)

We’re delighted to have become one of the most dynamic companies in Europe, actively demonstrating the key principles of the European Business Awards: success, innovation, and ethics. We are going to continue to work hard!