And there was light… with Alejandro Formanchuk “Culture 2.0: we are all experts in something”

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On Tuesday, November 6, we held the first Zyncro “Y se hizo la luz…”, a business after-work event for companies covering innovative approaches in business transformation processes.

On this first occasion, we had a stellar guest, Alejandro Formanchuk, an expert par excellence in Internal Communication 2.0 processes and leader in the field in Latin America.

As a good 2.0 expert, Alejandro managed to bring us closer to the reality of companies with a practical, non-dogmatic perspective, opening our eyes to many aspects:


We need to lose the fear of internal communication 2.0

To consolidate 2.0 values in a company, the first step is to lose our fear. In this sense, Alejandro gave us a striking example: if the British Crown and the Vatican, the conservative institutions that they are, are not afraid of the 2.0 world and use social channels to communicate, any company, no matter how conservative it is, should “launch itself” into the 2.0 world, although not without undergoing a cultural transformation.

A question of cultural transformation

Alejandro also suggested that losing our fear is not enough, that there must be an entire process of change in the organizational culture. Having 2.0 tools doesn’t make us an enterprise 2.0. Technology is the means, but as Alejandro pointed out, “when we only have the technology and not the culture, we are destined to fail, social dialog cannot exist in the company and any attempt towards social evolution will fall short.”

Achieving business culture evolution by capitalizing on collective talent and dialog

Once the processes of cultural change have started, we need to generate collective knowledge environments. “We are all experts in something and we can all contribute new knowledge, fresh ideas, a new breath of fresh air to our company.” Opening a 2.0 space minimizes the control over employees, but there is no need to fear empowering employees, quite the opposite. Criticism must be accepted as it helps us to improve, innovate and hence grow. More importantly, people are taken into account and feel part of the organization, meaning they will work in an optimized environment.

Corporate culture, a transforming process

Business transformation is a reality. For that reason, we no longer talk about employees but contributors; the Human Resources department is the ‘People’ department; information is transformed into dialog; the director is a ‘facilitator’; the hierarchy falls in the favor of talent, the office is not our only place of work, there is flexibility to work from anywhere with platforms like Enterprise Social Networks.

To summarize, as Alejandro himself says, “Culture is communication in movement. And Communication 2.0 moves along several paths: access and availability, equality, usability, participation and interaction, collective construction and collaboration, active listening and respect, interaction, minimized control and ego…” Yes, it sounds difficult. According to Alejandro, it is quite a challenge, but it is the natural evolution to adapt to new times and to capitalize on new tools for optimizing productivity and work.

To finish, we would like to thank Alejandro Formanchuck for his collaboration with Zyncro at the first edition of “Y se hizo la luz…” It has been a pleasure to hear your contributions on Culture 2.0 and internal communication. We encourage you to follow Alejandro on Twitter and check out his web, where you can download free the ebook in which he talks about all the concepts he presented.

For those of you who couldn’t make it, don’t worry! Soon we’ll upload a video of the event and present a new edition of “Y se hizo la luz….” Stay tuned 😉