New developments in Zyncro Mobile

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Given the growing use of smartphones in the business world, at Zyncro we are giving more priority to improving our mobile apps so that you can take your office with you and can access your Enterprise Social Network from anywhere, at any time. Today we’d like to present the new developments in Zyncro Mobile.


From today, you can download the new version of Zyncro for BlackBerry, which brings you push notifications, meaning you can now stay up to date with the latest activities in your organization without having to open the app. With this version, you can also:

  • Check out all your organization’s activity
  • Post, read, comment and like personal and corporate news
  • Access your work groups and interact with them
  • Access your corporate documents and upload photos in real time
  • Consult your list of internal and external contacts
  • View your profile



Preview Links in Android

This week we also have included new features in the Zyncro for Android app:

  • Notifications: This feature, as we have already mentioned, lets you stay informed of everything happening in your Enterprise Social Network and find out about activities performed by other users in your Zyncro instantly.
  • New look&feel for wall messages:
    • Image thumbnails
      On your wall, if you upload an image, you will no longer see the file path, rather a message with a small thumbnail of the image.
    • Link preview
      Using the powerful API from, links are previewed on your wall as a small yellow note and an original design, as shown in the photo.


The Zyncro Mobile tech team is constantly working to offer you new features and functions in mobile applications. In fact, soon we will present a new version of the iPhone app, which will bring many new developments.

Start to take advantage of the new features in Zyncro Mobile by downloading the new version for Android from Google Play, and the new version for BlackBerry.