It’s official: Zyncro China is a reality

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Zyncro continues its international expansion. Today China has officially joined the long list of countries where we are present. A few months ago the Zyncro business ecosystem reached central Europe, specifically BENELUX and also Germany; a step towards entering the German-speaking market which will include Switzerland and Austria. At the same time, we are growing by leaps and bounds in Mexico, the doorway to Latin America. Our philosophy is to establish ourselves in new countries by working with local partners because they know and control the market, and are a benchmark for assuring rapid and exponential growth. We are already present in 14 countries including Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Luxemburg, Mexico, Japan, Argentina, the US, Brazil… And as of today, China!

For this special opening, the founders of Zyncro; Lluis Font and Didac Lee, traveled to Shanghai, where the official presentation of Zyncro China was held today. A public presentation was attended by executives from important Chinese companies and journalists, with various private meetings also being held, according to the tradition of this Oriental country’s culture.

During the presentation the partnership between Zyncro and Sage was also mentioned:

For Zyncro, the opening of business in China has meant adapting on a technological, cultural and business development level. With regard to the technical aspect, currently we have a specific platform in China, as well as the solution translated into Chinese. At a cultural and business level, we have had to adapt to Chinese channels and methods of communication, with profiles on their main Social Networks, which include the following:

Our channel on Youku (videos):

Our channel on Tudou:

Our channel on Weibo (the Chinese equivalent of Twitter):

Our Zyncro Blog in China:

Zyncro China is a reality, 欢迎 !!