New whitepaper by Plan and Zyncro: Understanding people to improve the organization’s results

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Internal Reputation Assesment

What is the internal reputation of a company? Why is it important? What is the significance of enterprise social networks for improving performance?

Consultancy company Plan, in collaboration with Zyncro, has created a manual to resolve these and other questions on the subject:

Internal Reputation Assessment

This new whitepaper explains the reasons why a company’s internal reputation is something that must be safeguarded, and to which far too often too little importance is attached. You can discover and understand the key aspects about internal reputation in a company: how to manage it, find out why the most common resources used aren’t the most effective, new processes and methodology for correctly assessing internal reputation, etc.

The importance of this reputation is reflected in the employees and how they feel about the company’s behavior. This in turn affects the behavior of groups and individuals who interact with the company, such as suppliers, customers, investors, etc. A correct analysis should be carried out of the satisfaction of employees and their commitment to the company, the quality and scope of communication implemented by the company and the existing relations within the organization, in order to obtain the level of the company’s reputation.

The conclusions of this study are clear: a favorable internal reputation means growth in sales, profits, productivity and customer loyalty, as well as a fall in absenteeism. All the data can be found in the manual that can be download for free from the Resources section of the Zyncro website.

Influencing the organization’s internal reputation, contributes to:

  • Increasing sales
  • Increasing customer loyalty
  • Increasing profits
  • Improving collaboration and contribution of ideas
  • Improving retaining and attracting talent
  • Reducing absenteeism
  • Improving productivity
  • Simplifying the resolution of conflicts
  • Improving the identification and pride of the company

This report is aimed at Management Teams, as well as HR, Internal Communication and Marketing departments. Share it with everyone in your organization’s management team.
Download the report and discover why an enterprise social network plays such a crucial role in the improvement of internal reputation