Zyncro Version 4.0: Improved social management of ideas, more personalization options and better security for your Enterprise Social Network

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Welcome to Zyncro version 4.0, the result of the hard work from our whole team over the last few months. This new version includes an updated user interface, a message voting option, the source of each post, a new document viewing system, the ability to search tasks, new customization options for your Zyncro sections and a better security definition for accessing your Enterprise Social Network. A considerable evolution of the product, even greater than the version 3.0 update.

What does version 4.0 of Zyncro include?

1. Improvements to Usability

1.1. New design: Zyncro Zen

In this new version, a new design has been implemented, which is cleaner, with improved usability and which enhances the user experience on your Enterprise Social Network: Zyncro Zen.

The new design will appear by default for the new organizations that register on Zyncro.

For existing users, the change to Zyncro Zen is optional. They can continue with an improved version of the previous Zyncro, called Zyncro Classic, or update their organization to the Zyncro Zen design.

This option can be found on the Administration Panel > Corporate Image.

Both the Zen and the previous Classic designs include important improvements to the browsing feature; the tabs have been replaced with a single side menu bar. Browsing in Zyncro is now faster and easier, not only thanks to the new interface, but also to various performance improvements that have been implemented, above all on the wall: The core of your Enterprise Social Network.

The Zyncro Classic design maintains the look and feel of the previous version but also includes the above-mentioned improvements to usability and performance.

2. Improvements to Social Information Management

2.1. Message voting

From now on, messages can be voted for on the different walls: home, groups and departments/companies. This way, Zyncro also positions itself as a strong Ideas Manager, an ally for boosting Open Innovation within companies.

When a user wants to publish a post to be voted on, he or she can activate the “Allow message voting” option.

This option means that each message will include the “Agree” / “Disagree” buttons, so that other users can express their agreement or disagreement with the idea shared and evaluate the messages posted.

The result of the votes appear to the right of the post, showing the total number of positive votes minus the number of negative votes, both displayed below in a smaller font.

There is also the possibility of this option appearing by default for all the messages of a group. In the group’s configuration tab, the owner can activate the option: “Include message voting for all new group threads by default”. Similarly this option can be activated by department/company.

This is a good way of creating specific groups oriented towards decision-making.

2.2. View the source of a message

Zyncro now includes the source of publications on all walls: home, groups and departments/companies. In other words, members of the organization can see if the user’s activity has been done via the internet, a smartphone, desktop or remote service.

The source of messages is classified internally by: Smartphone, ZyncroApp, Integration, Core or Other; an additional option for generating information and later analyzing it using Business Intelligence systems.

2.3. Search in Tasks

Tasks and their contents are now indexed and recoverable using the general browser. Users will see a new tab when doing a search, called Tasks, where the coinciding content recovered by the browser will be displayed.

The search results are sorted in chronological order by default. A date filter can be used to highlight tasks that have been created or have a deadline outside the established period.

2.4. Integration with Crocodoc

Zyncro now offers the Crocodoc service for viewing documents online. The new viewing system will offer users a better experience with each document and improved compatibility with the original format.

To view documents, the administrator must first activate the ZyncroApp from the Administration Panel > Zyncroapps. Once enabled, the “View online with Crocodoc” option will appear in the dropdown menu for files. Formats supported include: pdf, doc, xls, ppt, docx, xlsx and pptx. Crocdoc is only available for Buisness accounts.

3. Improvements to the Administration System

3.1. Main menu configuration

The new version of Zyncro aims to also improve the administration and customization of your Enterprise Social Network.

Administrators can modify the main menu, add new sections, and reorganize and hide existing ones.

There are two types of links for items created:

  • External: Links to a blog, CRM, etc. which open in a new tab
  • Internal: Links to websites which open in the Zyncro interface

3.2. Configure home page features

For private or on-premise environments, it is also possible to configure which items appear on the wall by default when:

  • The administrator includes the organization for the first time
  • Each time a new user joins the organization

A Welcome to the organization group can be created, which new users are added to by default. It is also possible to configure which files are uploaded and which messages are left out.

Therefore, the actions currently available by default can be modified:

  • CEO Welcome message to the administrator
  • Welcome message from the administrator to members of the organization
  • Welcome message from the administrator to other users
  • Activity start messages on personal user walls

3.3. Administrators can delete messages

As of this version, administrators can delete messages from any group or department/company they can see or access, even if they do not have the necessary permissions (within the group or department/company).

3.4. IP whitelist

Administrators of an organization can also define which IPs users will be able to connect to Zyncro from.

This function makes Zyncro an Enterprise Social Network that can only be accessed from places defined by the administrator and the company.

3.5. Add users to groups without an invitation

It is now possible to include users in a group without going through the invitation process. This option is activated by the “Add to group without invitation” checkbox, which appears below the types of permissions that can be assigned to each new participant.

This feature is available to administrators in the organization, and appears once the user to be included in the group has been selected.

Note: This option is only possible for adding internal contacts.

What are you waiting for? Try out the new features of Zyncro! And, of course, if you have any queries or questions, just contact us on support (@) zyncro.com

Start enjoying an improved social management of ideas, more personalization options and better security for your Enterprise Social Network!

In short, make the most of your Enterprise Social Network with the new features of Zyncro 4.0.