An essential requirement for entrepreneurship? Losing the fear of dreaming!

Estimated reading time + video: 6 minutes

These days a video has been going around that is narrated by Alan Watts. In it, Watts plays down the importance of money and highlights the stupidity of devoting our life to doing things we don’t like doing in order to go on doing things we don’t like and teacher our children to follow the same track… The concept is nothing new, but I’m glad to see that once in a while a message like this one goes viral. The good things in life are easily forgotten and at the slightest thing we feel sorry for ourselves and become apathetic, so it’s a good thing that it’s repeated every now and then. That’s what I’ll do now, but before that, let me show you a video:

I’m aware that there are people who are really struggling these days and obviously they have every right to complain, but this short post goes to all those who automatically resign themselves to accepting “how life is”, to giving in, to giving up their dreams or not even daring to dream in the first place… How can we be happy if we don’t even let ourselves live first?

In business schools and universities, there are hundreds of courses on entrepreneurship in which they try to teach us how to perform magnificent DAFO analyses and business plans and tell us how to set up a business in simple steps… There are also loads of news pieces on the high number of projects that don’t even last through the first year. Maybe perhaps because we are instilled business aptitudes without having first focused on other fundamental aspects, and that apparently have nothing to do with the economy. Where is the class at school that teaches us to be happy, to manage our emotions, to feel excited about new challenges, to value the small things in life? How many teachers spend their time in teaching us to dream, to think about freedom, to be creative without prejudice to following the line already set out? How many parents show their children to learn from their errors, to get back up when they stumble and to see the positive light of their fall, to say I love you and thanks?

An essential point for overcoming this crisis that darkens our day is to overcome the crisis of happiness, hopes and dreams of a better future. It is something we need to incorporate in our educational system, in our work philosophy in our companies, in our personal relationships… We can learn to be optimistic, to be happy, to know what we want. Only then will we be able to carry it out and, as Alan Watts says in the video, it doesn’t matter what this is. Do it! Because if you truly want to, you can become a master on the material and find a way to make a living from it. Now let’s start again from the beginning… What would you do to be happy?

Sandra Bravo is founding partner of BraveSpinDoctors, a strategic communication and political marketing consultancy.