Apply for a job at Google through its social network profile

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The Web 2.0 aids talent attraction in HR in numerous ways. Recently we talked about the surge in career sites as a trend, today we’re going to look at another example of this premise: the integration of social networks in job offer sections in corporate websites, in particular, the case of Google.

Apply for a job through your social network profile

Google has joined the ranks 2.0 in employee recruitment

Nowadays companies take advantage of the potential of social networks to create new ways of recruitment, so obviously Google had to be in on the trend too. It is not known if creating an authentication API for making the process easier for applying for vacant positions in the company is a strategy to promote the social network Google+, but the truth is that this technological improvement holds certain advantages:

1. Not having to complete those typical resume forms, as you can include all your personal and professional details previously defined in the Google+ profile in a single click.

2. Searching among your contacts to see if anyone works in the company. In fact, the message that appears when you do so encourages you to “get in touch” with that person or ask them for a reference, something that is becoming more usual in job search tools 2.0.

3. Saving job offers to fill out the application form at a later stage.

4. Receiving notifications when a job opportunity is posted that you may find of interest according to the settings configured previously as an alert.

Of course, to do this you need to first connect with your personal Google account, but if you are really interested in working for that company, it’s worth the effort. What’s more, it is a clear-cut process, which is given in user experience in Google Jobs.

Applying for an offer in Google job offer page

To prepare yourself properly before starting to use Google Jobs, here are some of the steps you will face:

  1. Attach your resume as text or a file.
  2. Enter your gender and race. The company claims that it asks this information due to the Federal and State Employment Opportunities Directive, but it also gives the option to skip it if the applicant doesn’t want to specify it.
  3. Submit a cover letter. And on this occasion, only a text field appears to do so.

This way, Google enters the game of recruitment 2.0 of its own employees using its social network profile, like Facebook or LinkedIn did in their day.

What do you think of these APIs? Have you ever applied for a job in Google? Tell us your experience!