‘We want to implement Zyncro for our more than 4,500 partners (employees) at Starbucks’

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Diana González StarbucksToday we have the pleasure of presenting our interview section where we speak with companies that have already implemented an Enterprise Social Network successfully. Here we have our interview with Diana González, Organizational Development Manager at Starbucks Mexico. Diana is responsible for personnel development processes, working environment, and the Starbucks enterprise social network communication project called “PARTNET”.

How did the need to implement an enterprise social network arise?

It emerged from the need to have an interactive communication medium that could reach across the entire organization uniformly, migrating unidirectional communication media to bidirectional media for more than 4,500 partners (employees).

How did use of Zyncro start at Starbucks? What projection do you see for it in the organization?

We started with a pilot group of directors and middle managers totaling approximately 50 people, communicating formal and informal information about their daily activities between them. Today we have almost 600 users: directors, executives and middle managers. Our aim for 2013 is to reach more than 4,500 partners (employees) in the organization within 6 months.


Of all the functionalities in Zyncro, which one would you highlight?

The versatility to generate formal and information communication: “Corporate news”, “personal news”, “groups”

What benefits did Zyncro bring Starbucks? In what way are you encouraging the use of the Enterprise Social Network?

We are encouraging employees by:

  • Providing a calendar of cultural activities where they can share their experiences and facts about their work spaces.
  • Creating groups with formal information – Organizational communications.
  • Creating groups with informal information – Bidirectional communications to share experiences and best practices.

What has Zyncro meant for managing internal communication at Starbucks?

It has resulted in a change in the communication method in the company. Now we have a bidirectional communication channel, currently targeting middle management in the operation.

“The goal of implementing an Enterprise Social Network at Starbucks is to establish a dynamic bidirectional communication channel that reaches the entire organization, including operational positions.”

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