The future for companies is to become social, mobile, and cloud: the keys from Zyncro

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Editor’s note: Today we bring you this post that we wrote in Spanish for Eurocloud, the Spanish Association of SaaS and Cloud Computing Providers. We though it would be interesting to look at how the future for companies will be social, mobile and in the cloud.

Companies are experiencing a transformation process marked by technology platforms and defined by the convergence in everything social, mobile, and cloud-based. The buzz word SoMoClo is a concept that provides companies with a new opportunity to transform their business processes using technology solutions.

The SoMoClo trend is another symptom of how technology consumerism has evolved. We use applications that are designed for synchronizing with the cloud, sharing content on social networks, and of course, to work from mobile devices.

This also adapts to the business world. Many of you have been using your personal devices at work for some time; you access social networks to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in your sector to see what your competitors are doing, you use online storage to save and access your corporate documents from home without having to use a virtual private network. And all this in a scenario where the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend is growing, mobile devices improve each day and the cloud is becoming something easier to adopt.

There are experts who consider that soon employees won’t just ask for better smartphones. They’ll go beyond that and will ask to have contents available through their cells and easy access it through the tools they normally use. Employees will want simply to be able to use their favorite tools that they use in their private lives in the work environment.

With the explosion of Big Data (according to IBM, we generate more than 2.5 quintillion bytes per day), organizations need to convert that consumer trend into a strategy for transforming their business processes. SoMoClo is here to stay. The world is already social, mobile, and cloud-based; companies shouldn’t wait to do it too, seeing the cloud as the means of delivery, the social side as the shared service, and the mobile side as an omnipresent access. The leaders of organizations will need to rethink their processes because SoMoClo needs to be integrated in the company and will represent the next chapter in the Internet transformation, expanding collaboration to new levels of productivity.

The figures already point to a positive change. According to data from the IDC, 2012 represented a turning point in the implementation of the cloud model in Spanish business, duplicating its penetration rate on the previous year, reaching 29%.

The benefits of working in the cloud for businesses

The benefits of working the cloud for businesses are easy to identify. Among others, it helps to reduce costs and increases service levels and productivity. In fact, it is estimated that the budgets for cloud computing will grow by 25% by 2015. Cloud technology is cheaper, more usable, more accessible, faster and easier to implement. What’s more, it makes applications more mobile and collaborative.

Zyncro helps organizations to reap the benefits from working in the cloud

At Zyncro we understand the business benefits of the cloud and we help organizations that are transforming their business model to make it more social, mobile and in the cloud thanks to our platform.

For that reason, we integrate with a wide number of serivces in that line, on our continuous search to become the first social software platform capable of offering integrated access to organizations’ entire documental contents.

Zyncro started its journey to centralize and socialize corporate documentation with its integration with the renown SharePoint from Microsoft (November 2011), becoming the social, collaborative, mobile, and user-friendly layer of major enterprise systems. This integration trend continued with Zyncro’s association with the Google Apps suite, more specifically with Google Calendar, Gmail (July 2012) and notably Google Drive (September 2012), and the technology unification process Zyncro has sought from its outset was reinforced with its integration with other social networks, cloud-based productivity apps, ERPs, or even business intelligence systems. A few weeks ago we announced our integration with Dropbox, the leading cloud file management system, and shortly we will launch our integration with box.

Our goal is to continue helping organizations to reap their maximum potential by using social technology applied to the business world. With this vision, we continue our strategy to add sources that host business knowledge in a continuous search to improve the functionality and capacity of our platform, and become one of the Enterprise Social Networks with the greatest capacity to adapt to the most popular services on the social web and enterprise software.

Ana Asuero (@aasuero) works as Social Media Manager at Zyncro. She is an expert in corporate digital communication, social media and social media marketing. She has previously worked on institutional communication, media planning, advertising campaign strategy and market analysis projects.