Zyncro Germany: IntraNET Reloaded 2013

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

Broadcasting to Collaboration” was the motto of the conference IntraNET Reloaded 2013 in Berlin on April 26 and 27.

Participants talked about strategic approaches and challenges regarding intranet 2.0 management, as well as social business solutions – and, of course, Zyncro couldn’t miss this event.

Various case studies and small, focused discussion groups analyzed current topics, new approaches and future trends. The hot keywords included intranet findability, digital workplace, intranet usability, user acceptance rate, intranet governance, teamwork and employee engagement, mobile applications, use of social software, and knowledge management.

The participants included Max Lund from Corporate Communications (CCO) at the Hamburg Süd Group who spoke about how to simultaneously globalize and localize an organization’s intranet in order to respond to both global and local needs. Thomas Olsen, Assistant Vice President at Deutsche Bank AG, discussed cooperation and how to cultivate it in different scenarios ranging from isolated work groups to company-wide digital platforms. Lluís Font, CEO at Zyncro Tech S.L., described 10 current trends in enterprise social networks 2.0, focusing on adaptation strategies and motivating the different types of personalities usually present in every company to use their organization’s intranet 2.0.

At the more intimate World Café Sessions, participants gathered in 8 small groups for 30 minutes each before moving on to the next group. They discussed solutions for the different challenges organizations that frequently face when implementing business social software. Discussion topics included “Painless migration of corporate networks”, moderated by Chris Corbett, Communications Specialist at Zurich Insurance Company Ltd, Management and evolution of a socially connected company: kick off, road map, and fields of application, moderated by Philipp Rosenthal, Head of Principal Consulting & Research at Infocentric Research AG, and “Analyzing the level of integration of social business tools within a company: Total vs. selective work processes”, discussed by Kelli Carlson-Jagersma, Vice President of Enterprise Internal Collaboration at Wells Fargo Inc. and Darius Miranda, Vice President of Social Business Strategy at Wells Fargo Inc.

At their booth, Zyncro were able to present themselves as a successful IntraNET Reloaded business partner. They spoke to a large number of participants, exchanged experiences, asked and answered questions, and discussed Zyncro’s vision, as well as the opportunities and possibilities of social networks and social business 2.0. There was a rich and vivid exchange of ideas such as:

“A change in the way we communicate results changes the way we work together”, Dennis Agusi, Global Internal Communications Officer, Philips Inc.


“Intranet 2.0 and social business are not just about technology, but first and foremost about their users”, Christian Schmidt, Country Manager DACH, Zyncro.

The event spawned inspiration and new ideas regarding the evolution of the digital workplace and made many participants realize that, often, it is better to focus on the journey rather than the destination: A change in corporate culture from unilateral, mostly top-down communication to a multilateral exchange of information via social networks in order to solve problems, provide faster customer service and thus increase productivity. Enterprise social networks are not just one more tool among many others, but can integrate different existing corporate solutions thus creating a social sphere and adding value.

IntraNET Reloaded brought an international audience interested in intranets and communication 2.0 to Berlin and provided them with a platform to share knowledge and discuss the most important industry trends. A perfect example for connectivity and cooperation in the field of social business 2.0.