Zyncro brings together 350 executives at ComunicaTE Madrid to discuss Enterprise Social Networks

Estimated reading time + video: 8 minutes

On Monday, May 6, we gathered at Casa de América for ComunicaTE Madrid 2013, the sixth edition of our Master Class for Executives at which we discussed Enterprise Social Networks and integrated communications.

During the day, with almost 350 attendees, 10 speakers, and thanks to the support of our 13 partners, we had a chance to reflect and analyze with top-class professionals and speakers the transformation processes in companies that already understand the benefits of being social organizations and that have successfully implemented social strategies to transform their business processes.

After a brief introduction and welcome by Lluís Font, CEO at Zyncro, and Patricia Fernández, VP Marketing at Zyncro, we started the master class where we discussed the benefits of social business collaboration, the ROI of social business tools, the latest trends in management 2.0, and looked at real case studies of social companies.

‘Strategic vision of social software and integrated communication in Telefónica’ with Carlos Rabazo, Telefónica Key Accounts

Carlos spoke about a change in the communication model in people, where social networks have become the channel preferred by a large part of the population, and how these new communication channels can also be applied to communications within companies. According to Rabazo, it has been shown that social networks are a favorable environment for working and sharing, and now the challenge has been set to export the use of these communication systems to the business environment.

‘Integrating Systems in Companies from a Social Perspective’ with Francisco Gracia, Manager at everis

Francisco gave us some interesting information. 93% of internet users use social networks; 65% of users have contacted a company through social networks, and 25% have interacted with companies through this channel. This data shows that social technologies form part of our daily lives and companies must recognize this fact. This means they need to align these tools with the company’s strategy and there must be greater collaboration between IT and business.

‘Reinventing the Company in Consumerization. Mobile Technologies in Enterprise Social Networks’ with Juan Polo, EMEA Enterprise Client Marketing Manager at Intel

Juan spoke about the growing importance of mobility and its major penetration in almost all sectors. This mobility provides benefits and differentiation for companies in terms of information accessibility, the incorporation of new applications, speed in decision-making, and the optimization of resources. Employees require more mobile devices and this, together with the Bring Your Own Device trends, require organizations to opt for mobile apps. Juan explained how Intel does it with its own architecture and Windows 8, responding to business requirements.

Success stories with Zyncro

During the rest of the afternoon, several success stories were presented of companies that have integrated their technology with Zyncro with excellent results. Joaquim Segura, CEO at Captio, presented their tool to attendees as an option to improve productivity with a mobile, social and cloud-based app.

Antonio Ramírez, Product Marketing & Business Development Manager at Konica Minolta, gave the key ideas to social document management in the cloud thanks to its integration with Enterprise Social Networks.

Sonia Ruiz Moreno, CEO at PrideCom, advanced some of the main ideas of the ‘Zyncro method’, a method designed to guide companies that want to implement an Enterprise Social Network in their organization and whose first output was the whitepaper ‘How to Convince Your Boss’.

Finally, three projects developed with Zyncro were presented. Rosa María Martínez, M2M Business Development Manager at Telefónica, explained the development and operation of the APP ON project for Telefónica Latin America, now also available for Windows 8; Arantxa Martínez, Director of Organization and Systems at The EatOut Group, traced their journey from the idea to the roll out of the Enterprise Social Network for their employees; and Eva Collado, HR Development Manager at Venca, closed the session by talking about the benefits achieved with the implementation of an internal network in their organization.