Mobility 2.0

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Today we’re going to talk about mobility, about connected and intelligent devices:

Our daily objects adapt to new technologies and MOBILE MOMENTS become moments where consumers want to continue experimenting.

The consumer wants to continue connected in multitasking: when playing sports, checking the time, in the subway, or lying on a beach… Maximum connectivity and maximum digitalization:

  • Connected
  • Delocalized
  • Mobile
  • Hyperinformed
  • Linked

This trend is already a reality in the employment market. Employees from all sectors are acquiring flexible and delocalized work habits. We are evolving towards a way of working which will dillute hierarchies in the office and fixed positions; where presence will be “virtual” in preference to face-to-face contact; and in which a new set of communication and collaboration tools will make creativity and practical knowledge move torwards a new productive model.

In this environment, mobile devices are a fundamental element for our activity…like social media and enterprise social media are.

  • Savings
  • Efficiency
  • Agility
  • Wellbeing
  • Collaboration

These are some of the advantages of this new environment that simplify the productive model, enabling exponential growth without a higher cost in infrastructure.

The world is SOCIAL and MOBILE, our professional environment too :-)

Let’s finish with

  • socialmonics
  • content providers
  • SEO experts
  • SEM planners

They have substituted traditional advertising. Microexperiences, connectivity, digital socialization are the consumer realities that we need to take into account. AsSeth Godin says, we have to lead the change in our lead up professional environment. Are you prepared?

Yolanda Torres (@yolandaibz) is expert in Communication and has a Master’s degree in Digital Marketing Management with special mention 2011. She combines digital marketing managment at Turismo Ibiza with Atzaró Natural Life Hotel. She is co-founder of Equipo Singular in 1996. English and French Translator.

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