[Whitepaper] Why implement an Enterprise Social Network?

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

Do you think that your company is fine as is and doesn’t need a change in communications and employee collaboration yet? You’ve heard of Enterprise Social Networks, but still haven’t got a clear idea of the benefits they could bring to your company?

We’d like to present this whitepaper in which we unveil 10 reasons why you should implement an Enterprise Social Network to encourage collaboration, communication and productivity and performance in your company.

When you finish reading it, your only question will be how do I start to roll out an Enterprise Social Network in my organization. Don’t worry, we’ve got that covered! We have another whitepaper in which we explain how to convince top management in your company and take those first important steps.

Download the manual and discover 10 great reasons why you should implement an Enterprise Social Network.

Enterprise Social Networks are now part of the leading tools integrated by businesses. Deloitte predicts that by the end of 2013 90% of the Fortune 500 companies will have implemented and Enterprise Social Network.

We know that the road towards the Enterprise 2.0 involves a change both in culture and processes, and that’s not always easy. Our mission is to help organizations take that step and achieve their maximum potential through the use of social technology applied in business environments.

In this document you’ll find 10 great reasons why to implement an Enterprise Social Network in your organization.

  1. It will help you align your company’s culture
  2. It improves your processes
  3. It favors the exchange of knowledge and skills
  4. It optimizes knowledge management
  5. It motivates teams
  6. It encourages innovation
  7. It brings you closer to your employees
  8. It enhances mobility
  9. It can be connected to the other tools used in your company and can structure the flow of information in a single activity feed
  10. It increases profitability

Download the whitepaper and discover the benefits of becoming a social enterprise.

After reading it, if you need help in implementing your project, contact us and we will help you ensure that it is a complete success. Write to us at sales (@) zyncro.com.

Matthieu Pinauldt (@mattpinauldt) is Regional Marketing Manager at Zyncro. After several experiences in major enterprises and becoming a business owner, he joined the Zyncro team to help develop the brand internationally. He specializes in innovation and holds a Master’s degree in Technology and Innovation Management from the Université Paris Dauphine, in conjunction with ENS Cachan and Mines Paritech.